PRIMA RiskWatch
May. 10, 2012

Operation RAIL SAFE: Ensuring US railway security
Almost exactly one year ago, it was revealed in the mainstream media that among the information gleaned from the so-called "treasure trove" of intelligence gathered at Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, was evidence that al Qaeda had hoped to attack the United States rail system on the 10-year anniversary of 9/11.More

Report: Pittsburgh still has 'significant financial challenges'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In a new report, state overseers don't say how much longer Pittsburgh should remain in financial oversight but indicate that they plan to stick around at least for another year. The city is making financial progress, but "continues to face significant financial challenges," including labor costs, potential revenue shortfalls and post-retiree health care liability of $488.6 million, the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority said in the annual update, posted on its website.More

City cuts funding for more surveillance cameras to focus on upkeep
Democrat and Chronicle
As many as one in four of Rochester, N.Y.'s 110 surveillance cameras are inoperable at any given time — leading Mayor Thomas Richards to scrap funding for additional cameras next year and curtail purchases in later years.More

Connecticut city denies liability in fire that killed 5
The Associated Press via Firehouse
A Stamford, Conn., official recently rejected allegations by an attorney for the father of three girls killed in a Christmas morning house fire that the Connecticut city failed to ensure safe conditions as the house was being renovated.More

Fire department supporters flood meeting
The Record-Eagle via Chicago Tribune
City firefighters washed the city's budget hearing with yellow-clad supporters, some of whom called for tax increases to save the jobs of Traverse City, Ill.'s emergency responders threatened by budget cuts.More

Parents of 2 drowned Duck Boat riders fight liability cap
Reuters via Chicago Tribune
A maritime law cap on liability should not apply in the case of two Hungarian students who died visiting Philadelphia when a barge struck their tourist Duck Boat, lawyers for their parents said recently.More