PRIMA RiskWatch
May 12, 2011

Welcome to the newest PRIMA members!
A warm welcome to the newest members of PRIMA: Adams County (Colo.), Lane County (Ore.), League Association of Risk Management (Nev.) and MHAPCI (Mo.). More

As terrorism tips spike, collection of data raises privacy concerns
The Tennessean
As a result of a more alert, or perhaps more anxious American public, counterterrorism tips have spiked in the days after the death of Osama bin Laden, law enforcement officials say. Before the Sept. 11 attacks, police would have checked them out. If no crime was discovered, the information might have been forgotten.More

NYPD says city rail systems are safe following 2 security breaches
Authorities are assuring the public the rail system is safe after two security breaches over the weekend. In one incident early Sunday, four men were able to get into a portion of an old Second Avenue subway tunnel, reportedly carrying Roman candles.More

San Jose, Calif., wrestles with cost of 90 percent pensions
A 2007 arbitration ruling letting San Jose, Calif., firefighters retire as early as age 48 with 90 percent of their pay may result in the firing of 370 municipal workers as the 10th-largest U.S. city tries to close a budget deficit fueled by higher pension costs.More

US warns Broadway theatres on security threats
U.S. safety regulators have told Broadway theatres to update their emergency plans, a reminder that the aging buildings near New York's Times Square may need to evacuate as some did during a failed bomb plot a year ago.More

In a wealthy enclave, no money for roads
The Wall Street Journal
A few months ago, a resident of this bucolic California city walked into City Manager Janet Keeter's office and dropped a ruptured Porsche tire on a chair. "This is what happened to my tire when I hit a pothole," Ms. Keeter recalled him saying.More

Thousands join Mexican march against drug violence
Thousands of demonstrators marched in silence toward Mexico City's central square Sunday, carrying banners and signs that demanded an end to the country's drug war. Well-known Mexican poet Javier Sicilia led protesters on their 80-kilometer journey, which began in the central city of Cuernavaca.More

Tornado safety away from home
The name of the town changes every spring, but the footage stays the same. We have become accustomed to seeing large, violent tornadoes as they barrel toward a populated area. Do you know what to do if you are away from your home when a tornado strikes? Would your split-second decision be enough to save your family?More