PRIMA RiskWatch
May 26, 2011

More than 30 cities lose Homeland Security funding
The Associated Press via Bloomberg BusinessWeek
The Department of Homeland Security has notified more than 30 cities across that country that they are about to lose anti-terror funding from the federal government. The department said that money for the Urban Areas Security Initiative grants has been cut by millions as part of a larger budget cut that eliminated more than $780 million in grant money from the latest federal budget. The budget cuts mean that only 31 high-threat urban areas, including New York and Washington, will still receive grants this year.More

Coast Guard, emergency agency say it's time to think about hurricane prep, boating safety
The Associated Press via The Washington Post
It's time to start thinking about hurricane preparedness and boating safety. The Maryland Emergency Management Agency says that includes putting together a disaster-supply kit and checking whether flood insurance is needed. The Coast Guard says its crews are paying particular attention this week to recreational boating safety.More

Legislation could give boost to farmers markets
The Herald News
Vendors peddling their wares at the Orland Park Farmers Market in suburban Chicago must obtain food service permits and liability insurance, and there are regulations requiring that cooked foods be prepared in a commercial kitchen. They all point to government and big business influencing what is sold and who is selling it. But as the economy struggles and the appetite for more affordable fresh food grows, Illinois legislators want to help the little guy get his foot back in the markets. More

In an effort to improve public safety, Oregon city restricts public access to fairgrounds
The Register Guard
Not everybody uses the Lane County fairgrounds near downtown Eugene, Ore., appropriately. Drug use, break-ins and other nuisances are a big problem at the 55-acre county-owned grounds, officials say. So the city has decided to close down access. "We’ve had extensive damage … it seems to be escalating, where at least three of our facilities have been broken into on more than one occasion," said Rick Reno, director of the fairgrounds. More

Commentary: Supreme Court prison ruling shouldn't undercut public safety
The Sacramento Bee via The Kansas City Star
No longer can California avoid the inevitable task of reducing the state's prison population. Serious constitutional violations "have persisted for years" in California's overcrowded prison system, wrote U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy in a 5-4 ruling. Can the state decrease its prisons' populations without compromising public safety and without mass prison releases? It can. More

San Jose airport's chief security official blasts safety plan
San Jose Mercury News
In a blistering and unprecedented interview, a high-ranking police officer who oversees security at Mineta San Jose International Airport in San Jose, Calif., accused city officials of risking passenger safety to save money. Police Capt. Jeff Smith said a cost-cutting idea to replace San Jose cops at the airport with Santa Clara County sheriff's deputies is "a mistake." He also called Sheriff Laurie Smith's proposal to take over the airport a "disingenuous" power grab that includes promises she cannot fulfill.More

Want to establish a skatepark in your city? There are two key liability questions
Yahoo Sports
Attempting to get your local community to establish a skateboard park can be a challenging endeavor. Along the way you must address a wide variety of issues, including those that center on liability. Liability affects everything from skatepark design, staffing and insurance to maintenance. But before you can address liability issues with your city council you will need to form at least a rudimentary understanding of them yourself. More