PRIMA RiskWatch
Jun. 21, 2012

Northeast Minnesota flooding triggers activation of Emergency Operations Center
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has activated the state emergency operations center in response to major flooding in the city of Duluth and a handful of surrounding counties.More

Hawaii's unfunded pension liability 10th worst in nation
Big Island Now
Hawaii is among 34 states that currently have what experts consider a significant shortfall in funding for retirement liabilities. According to a study released recently by the Pew Center on the States, a division of the non-profit Pew Charitable Trusts, Hawaii has funded 61 percent of its $18.5 billion obligation for pensions for government workers. Only nine states had lower levels.More

Natural gas boom strains state regulators
The surging natural gas industry has sparked a hiring frenzy in Ohio. Even the cash-strapped state government is hiring because of the gas boom: The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says it plans to add many as 70 new field inspectors to its oil and gas team by the end of the year, more than tripling its inspection force.More

Safety concerns at Portland City Hall
An outburst about water-rate hikes at Portland's City Council meeting Wednesday has many who work inside Portland City Hall thinking about their safety. As such, Council Chambers will be closed for the next month "for security upgrades." City officials won't say exactly what is being done. Still some say, even with the upgrades, they still won't feel safe.More

Dropping helmet laws to reduce a town's risk
The New York Times
Will the nanny state take away our right to drink too much soda? Will the police rob us of privacy in the name of fighting terrorism? In an era of polarized politics, the fear of government encroachment is one thing that unifies Americans from the left and the right.More

Richmond, Va., council to weigh City Hall security
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond, Va.'s City Council will weigh a series of recommendations aimed at improving security at City Hall following a report presented recently to a council committee. "Just as all public venues, you want make sure there is adequate security," Council President Kathy C. Graziano said after the meeting of the Public Safety Committee. "You never know."More

Hong Kong auditors battle against criminal liability law
Auditors in Hong Kong are mounting an increasingly vocal campaign against a proposed new law that would make them face criminal sanctions for shoddy audit work. The city's lawmakers are in the final stages of considering the new Companies Bill, which includes a clause that would make auditors criminally liable if they knowingly or recklessly omit a required statement from an audit report.More