PRIMA RiskWatch
July 22, 2010

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Report: US Intelligence complex inefficient, bloated
CBS News
A month after Sept. 11, President Bush created the office of Homeland Security, pledging to spare no effort in stopping the next terrorist attack. "We're going to be ongoing and relentless," said Bush on Oct. 8, 2001. In the nine years since Sept. 11, there has been no major attack. But the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars creating a sprawling top secret intelligence complex that The Washington Post concludes is bloated and inefficient, reports Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Bob Orr.More

Full-body scanners to be installed at all LAX terminals
Daily Breeze
Airline passengers pulled aside for a secondary security screening at Los Angeles International Airport may feel a little more exposed this summer. Federal and city officials are expected to announce that 24 full-body imaging scanners manufactured by Torrance-based Rapiscan Systems Inc. will be spread across all nine terminals at LAX.More

Oakland, Calif., approves plan to license medical marijuana farms
San Jose Mercury News
Oakland City Council voted recently to license up to four large-scale marijuana farms in industrial areas to supply the city's four medical marijuana dispensaries, and promised to later review policies that could include smaller and medium-size farmers.More

'Crash tax' proposal crashes
Denver Daily News
A proposal to charge a fee to at fault non-resident drivers who are involved in an accident came to a crashing end when the Denver City Council members decided to shelve the controversial proposal.More

Gun advocates take aim at California leader's proposal
San Diego Assemblymember Lori Saldana is getting threats and being confronted by armed protesters over her latest legislation, which would ban guns in public. "Do you think you've become a target since you proposed this legislation?" asked KGTV reporter Mitch Blacher. "It's become very personal for some people," answered Saldana.More

Subway booth closures create controversy, safety concerns
Downtown Express
New York City Council members were recently joined by members of the Transit Workers Union Local 100 at City Hall to discuss the Metropolitan Transit Authority's plans to close or reduce hours at a number of subway station booths. The action would also result in the layoffs of 220 station agents.More

Sudan's president in Chad despite arrest warrant
The Associated Press via Google News
Sudan's president, who faces charges of genocide and crimes against humanity, traveled to neighboring Chad — the first time he has risked arrest by traveling to a member state of the International Criminal Court. Omar al-Bashir has traveled abroad only to countries that are not ICC members since he was first charged in connection with violence in Sudan's Darfur region in 2009. The ICC has no police force and depends on member states to enforce its orders.More