PRIMA RiskWatch
Aug. 8, 2013

What Detroit's finances mean for us
Cities and states across the U.S. are watching Detroit closely after the largest-ever municipal bankruptcy filing. That's because it's bringing to light a problem that "may" lie ahead for many other governments. Financial analyst, Dan Ament with Morgan Stanley, visited KARE 11 Sunrise to help us focus on our finances.More

Municipal Labor Committee sues as city tries to make sure that employees' dependents are entitled to health coverage
New York Daily News
Included in the flurry of mail city workers regularly receive at home was one recent — and particularly interesting — missive from the Office of Labor Relations. The letter informed workers they were now being required to prove that their family members are entitled to health insurance.More

A Colorado town is holding a special vote on whether to shoot down drones
A small town in Colorado is going to have a townwide vote on whether to issue hunting licenses for drones — with $100 rewards for shooting down drones and bringing in "identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government."More

On Campus: Run, hide, fight? Not likely, security expert says
The Modesto Bee
As with other unspeakable tragedies, security experts have spent much time after the Newtown, Conn., school shootings analyzing where precautions failed and what can be done going forward. This summer federal emergency response agencies and the U.S. Department of Education published a guide for school safety plans that, in the case of active shooters, urges a more immediate and active response than the shelter-in-place plans schools use for less deadly threats.More

Munis yield as much as corporate bonds — bargains for tax payers
The municipal bond market has been going through one of its periodic paroxysms of pessimism to which it is prone. But the slide in prices has produced an extraordinary situation where tax-free municipal bonds are yielding more than taxable corporate bonds with the same credit ratings.More

Adamstown, Pa., still seeking answers on police service
My Cocalico News
How to provide the best police protection at a realistic cost continues to be the hot topic in Adamstown, Pa., just as it is in the other municipalities that contract police service from East Cocalico Township Police Department. About 25 people filled Adamstown's small municipal meeting room for the recent council meeting, hoping to find out how close council members are to making a decision.More

In Maryland, bars still not liable for drunk-driving patrons
City Paper
The Maryland Court of Appeals narrowly upheld a lower court's ruling recently that found a bar owner not liable for the death of a drunk driver's victim. In a 4 to 3 decision — which included a dissenting opinion — the court ruled that the state legislature is the place to make any changes to the state's liability law.More