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Aug. 27, 2015

Driverless truck meant to improve safety in work zones
CBS News
Roving construction crews — the kind you see blacktopping a road, painting lines, inspecting a bridge or installing a traffic signal — are often protected from oncoming traffic by a specialized truck outfitted with a crash barrier.More

Resources falling short as Washington wildfire grows into historic monster
NBC News
Scores more firefighters raced to the Okanogan Complex of fires, the biggest wildfire in the history of Washington state and the nation's No. 1 summer wildfire priority. But it still might not be enough. More

Beware of resilient, mutated 'super lice' — yes, they're real
By Joan Spitrey
Back-to-school season is a time for next chapters, seeing old friends, making new friends — and, of course, organized germ exchanges. Yes, the sharing of germs and other critters, such as lice, also is part of the fun of back to school. Although a lice infestation is a common rite of passage for many elementary school children, a recent report by the American Chemical Society found lice are mutating and becoming more difficult to treat. More

911 call-takers provide critical link in case of emergency
Emergency Management
On a recent Friday night, while many were kicking off the weekend with an evening on the town, Jenyne Wells waited for the phone to ring. As a 911 call-taker at SunComm, Yakima County's emergency dispatch center, she was waiting for anyone needing help. It would not be long.More

Shoreham crash will bring safety changes, but airshows are here to stay
The tragic Shoreham Airshow crash has turned the spotlight on the safety of airshows, after a 57-year-old Hawker Hunter T7 failed to pull out of an aerobatic manoeuvre. With 11 and perhaps up to 20 people killed, this should cause us to re-examine the industry in detail. More

Salmonella: The risks and tips to avoid getting poisoned
Over the years Salmonella has been in and out of the news on a regular basis with recalls of this and recalls of that. We see outbreaks of illness liked to many different types of foods due to Salmonella that run from salads through peanut butter to raw poultry. Many will remember the large recall of peanut butter and lots of peanut butter based products in 2008. This all stemmed from a company called Peanut Corporation of America who did not appear to have good manufacturing controls in place.More

'No public health risk' after local Ebola scare
There is "no public health risk" in Camden County after a Gloucester Township woman first thought to have contracted Ebola was later diagnosed with malaria, according to health officials. Those who have come in contact with the woman traveling from West Africa this month should not be worried, county Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli assured at a news conference.More

Interpol offers help in the battle against cybercrime
By Archita Datta Majumdar
For police departments around the world, cybercrime has become yet another addition to their workload — and not all are equipped to handle it. Lack of resources is an issue, but a lack of awareness is also preventing effective cybercrime fighting. There is a huge knowledge gap between crime fighters and the increasingly complex nature of cybercrime. However, Interpol is looking to bridge that gap. And judging by Interpol's recent activities, their focus is intensifying on that front.More

Traffic deaths in these 15 states setting pace for deadliest driving year since 2007
Property Casualty 360
Despite high-tech safety features and the increasing ability of vehicles to protect occupants during a crash, the U.S. is having a deadly year on the nation's roads.More

The uberizing of the government workforce
As the use of contract and temporary workers grows and millennials move into government, the public sector will need to adapt. More

Safety of conventional ground beef takes a hit in study
At the height of the summer grilling season, a study indicates a stunning amount of ground beef in American grocery stores is infested with antibiotic-resistant "superbugs."More

A photographer returned to New Orleans a decade after Hurricane Katrina to see what's changed
Business Insider
Ten years ago this week, Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast and forever changed the landscape and its people. More

New FEMA maps could force Central Texas residents to buy flood insurance
Claims Journal
Hundreds of Central Texas residents could be forced to buy flood insurance or face stricter building regulations for new structures nearly three months after deadly flooding, according to new Federal Emergency Management Agency advisory maps recently made public.More

Personal safety apps: Don't leave home without one!
Business 2 Community
Have you or a loved one experienced that back-of-the-neck tingle walking out to the car alone at night, or felt compelled to lace keys through fingers when approached by strangers in the park? Perhaps your not-so-little one is heading off to college and you want to help them stay safe when they're out and about alone. Armed with one of these personal safety apps, your smartphone can instantly record audio or video, alert loved ones or the police, sound an alarm, even send your GPS coordinates to pre-designated contacts. Don't leave home without one.More