PRIMA RiskWatch
Aug. 30, 2012

Analysis: US cities avoid the pension obligation bet
Many of America's states, cities and counties may have massively under-funded public pension funds — but they are avoiding piling on risk by shunning bonds that could finance such shortfalls.More

Cops liable for shooting man in odd standoff
Courthouse News Service
Police officers in Arizona used excessive force when they shot a distraught man in the back three times while he held his 2-year-old daughter, a federal judge ruled. David Hulstedt had a history of mental-health problems when he got into a standoff with police in 2008 after arguing with his parents at their Scottsdale home.More

Colorado Springs, Colo., suing PERA over Memorial pension liability
The Gazette
On Aug. 15, attorneys for Colorado Springs filed a lawsuit asking a judge to rule that the city owes nothing to Colorado's Public Employees Retirement Association, or PERA, if Memorial withdraws its roughly 4,000 employees from the pension system should voters approve a lease to University of Colorado Health.More

Analyzing injuries sustained in low-speed accidents
Property Casualty 360
Do the alleged injuries fit the vehicle damage? Does the force of the crash equate to the probability of injury? There are many ways that the vehicle helps you determine the force of the crash. In this article, we'll discuss the role of the biomechanical engineer in evaulating injury claims stemming from low-speed accidents. Based on the expert's conclusions, the claims adjuster can gauge the veracity of alleged injuries to make smarter coverage determination decisions.More

Judge: Atlantic City, N.J., was wrong to release workers' Social Security numbers to insurance company
Press of Atlantic City
Atlantic City government should not have released workers' Social Security numbers to an insurance company for marketing purposes earlier this year, a judge ruled recently. Five city unions sued the municipality in May because its Human Resources Department provided Colonial Life Insurance Co. with Social Security numbers of their members.More

States test ways to keep employee health costs down
Increasing insurance costs and the growing burden of public workers' health benefits are placing pressure on states to find innovative ways to make health care more affordable for both public employers and public workers.More