PRIMA RiskWatch
Oct. 7, 2010

Welcome to the newest PRIMA members!
A warm welcome to the newest members of PRIMA: Utah Division of Risk Management (Utah), Webb County (Texas), University of Wyoming (Wyo.) and San Jacinto River Authority (Texas).More

Terror alert boosts transportation security
Security measures at mass transit systems worldwide have boosted following the travel alert in Europe from potential terrorist attacks. Security measures at the Los Angeles International Airport have been increased, and authorities are also asking travelers to report any suspicious activity, particularly for the duration of the terror alert.More

US pushes Massachusetts to join security plan
The Boston Globe
Federal officials say they are compelling Massachusetts law enforcement agencies, including the State Police, to join a national program that checks the immigration status of everyone arrested and fingerprinted by 2013, officials said.More

Eyewitness: Hungary's toxic spill
Hungary says it will cost tens of millions of dollars and take at least a year to clean up the damage caused by a spill of industrial toxic red sludge. Emergency workers are trying to stop the spill, from an alumina plant, from flowing into major waterways, including the River Danube.More

Assailants in Yemen attack British diplomats, Frenchman
Voice of America
An attack on a British embassy car in the Yemeni capital has left one passenger and several passersby injured. Officials say a rocket-propelled grenade exploded near a car carrying five employees to the British embassy. Officials say the deputy chief of mission was among those in the vehicle, but was not hurt. More

Natural gas pipeline crisis plans kept from public
The Associated Press via Google News
The emergency plans for companies operating natural gas pipelines like the one that exploded in San Bruno, Calif., killing eight people and destroying a neighborhood, are effectively off-limits to the public and industry watchdogs because the federal pipeline safety agency doesn't keep copies in its offices.More

New Jersey requiring schools to conduct security drills
Verona-Cedar Grove Times
New Jersey lawmakers want to make sure faculty and staff in every school know how to keep children safe. The state has made changes to the protocol for how public schools respond in an emergency, strapping Verona and Cedar Grove with new standards.More

Samaritan recounts dramatic kidnapping rescue
ABC News
The good Samaritan who rescued an 8-year-old California girl from an alleged kidnapping after a dramatic car chase said he was afraid for a second — until he saw the terrified girl's face in the suspect's car.More