Free H1N1 vaccinations delayed at Rutland, Vt. schools
from The Rutland Herald
Vaccines are in short supply and, according to the Vermont Department of Health Web site, "We regret having to delay some clinics. National production delays mean only a limited amount of vaccine - far less than we had hoped and planned for - is available right now for schools, health care provider offices, hospitals and home health agencies. This will change over the next several weeks." More

Family of dead inmate announces plans to sue Dallas County
from The Dallas Morning News
Bernardo Mario Pena, an inmate at Lew Sterrett jail in Dallas, died on Oct. 18 after a fight with another inmate. His family said they were not immediately notified of his injury or the incidents that led up to his death and are calling for an independent investigation. More

Planning for emergency evolves since quake
from KSBW
Emergency planning has made quite an advancement because of the technological tools now available since the Loma Prieta earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area. More

FEMA chief praises Jackson County, Mo., effort of recruiting churches in disaster relief
from The Examiner
Jackson County and the state of Missouri got a pat on the back for using faith-based organizations in emergency preparedness efforts. Craig Fugate, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, joined Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon in a roundtable talk. Officials talked about Missouri's tornadoes, floods and ice storms "We get hit by more natural disasters than anybody," the governor said but point out that many of those disasters are localized. That often means a tornado or flood isn't enough for a presidential declaration of a disaster area, a move that swings agencies such as FEMA into action and frees up some resources. More

Emergency preparedness exercise to be conducted at nuclear plant
from The Bay Net
The Calvert County Department of Public Safety in Maryland, along with officials from several county and state agencies, have participated in a Biennial Emergency Preparedness Exercise with the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant on Oct. 20. The exercise tested Maryland's ability to respond to an emergency at the nuclear facility. More

San Diego County is better prepared for evacuations
from North County Times
As the region rides out another wildfire season, officials say San Diego County, is better prepared to evacuate people from harm's way than it was during the devastating fire storms in 2003 and 2007 - a good thing because a survey shows that one out of five backcountry residents ignored evacuation orders in 2007. More

New software will help verify hazardous materials
from The Cumberland Times-News
Local hazardous materials officials and first-responders in Cumberland, Md., will soon have a new tool at their disposal to more accurately determine if chemicals pose a danger at the site of an emergency. More

Domestic abuse fraud: It's rarely suspected and rarely detected
from The New York Times

Fort Wayne, Ind., Allen County agree to 911 pact
from The Journal Gazette