PRIMA RiskWatch
Nov. 7, 2013

Advocates believe dogs will make schools safer
U-T San Diego
While some say school safety hinges on guns, cameras or alarms in classrooms, Mark Gomer and Kristi Schiller think specially trained dogs should take point in preventing violence in schools. Gomer's for-profit company has sent a gun- and drug-detecting dog to patrol the halls of an Ohio high school, while Schiller is launching a nonprofit in Houston to give schools the trained canines for free.More

Portland works to combat 'distracted walking'
For years, transportation safety officials have worked to combat distracted driving — the risky behavior that comes when people try to operate a car and a cell phone simultaneously. But transit officials in Portland have launched a new effort to focus on an area that's getting increasing attention in traffic safety spheres as well: distracted walking.More

Safety agency faults parade plans in deadly Midland, Texas train crash
The Wall Street Journal
The National Transportation Safety Board recommended recently that U.S. cities and counties adopt enhanced safety measures for parades, after concluding that Midland, Texas, and the organizers of a parade for wounded veterans were most to blame for a deadly rail accident there last year. The NTSB found the probable cause of the accident was poor event planning by Midland and the nonprofit organizer of the parade, Show of Support Military Hunt Inc. More

Arizona to perform statewide exercise to test preparedness of response agencies
Willcox Range News
The State of Arizona, in conjunction with participants from virtually every level of government, will conduct a multiple-scenario preparedness exercise on Nov. 6-7 and Nov. 20-21. The multiday exercise will allow approximately 240 agencies to assess their abilities while participating in a simulated situation involving a prolonged loss of electrical power during the summer months. More than 2,300 people representing local, county, state, federal, tribal, and volunteer agencies throughout the state are expected to participate.More

LAX safety protocols reviewed after shooting
In the wake of the deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport, a lot of questions are being asked about security at the airport. "What happened is really every security planner's worst nightmare: the unsecured areas at LAX. It's really difficult to get a hold on what you're going to do about it," said security expert Jeffrey Simon. LAX police and the TSA say they're now reviewing safety protocols after TSA agent Gerardo Hernandez was killed and several other people were wounded in the recent shooting.More

Police chief in city of Trayvon Martin shooting clarifies gun policy for neighborhood watch
Fox News
The police department in the Florida city where Trayvon Martin was killed says that while it recommends that neighborhood watch volunteers not carry weapons, it won't formally prevent volunteers from doing so. Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith says the program will better train participants but won't infringe on someone's constitutional right to carry a gun. More

Animal rights group outraged over Flint, Mich., pitbull registry idea
An Utah-based animal sanctuary is crying foul over a Flint city councilman’s idea to require pitbull owners to register their dogs with police. Under Councilman Sheldon Neeley’s proposed ordinance, owners could be hit with a $500 fine and 90 days in jail if the pitbull attacks someone. City ordinance currently requires vicious dogs to be kept on a leash or muzzle outside of a kennel, pen or house and mandates that owners display “beware of dog” signs, keep insurance in case of injury or death caused by the dog and register the animal with the city clerk.More

Public officials and the internet's cloak of anonymity
The world of online public discourse has had its darker side for some time. One of the more unpleasant aspects is the act of trolling: posting inflammatory messages with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response. But when public officials get involved in this juvenile act, it can become really messy.More