PRIMA RiskWatch
Nov. 8, 2012

Leadership Development Committee applications due Nov. 12
Don't miss your chance to help choose PRIMA's leadership! PRIMA's Leadership Development Committee selects candidates to be presented to the membership for election to fill open board seats. PRIMA is now accepting applications to serve on this important committee. Submit your application by Nov. 12 and help shape the future of YOUR association! Visit our website for more information and an application.More

Michigan kills controversial emergency manager law
Michigan's controversial emergency manager law, which gave unprecedented authority for state-appointed officials to run local governments, is no more. Voters repealed Public Act 4, the law enacted by the state legislature last year, which allowed the state's "emergency managers" to take over powers held by mayors and other locally elected officials.More

Insurance company sues to stop demolition of building where firefighter died
Chicago Tribune
An insurance company is suing the City of Chicago and the owners of a two-story building where a Chicago firefighter died recently, asking a judge to stop any future demolition of the site. The insurance company claims forensic evidence on the property must be preserved so its experts can complete their investigation.More

Gov. Cuomo: With new storm approaching, insurance companies will have to accept photo proof of storm damage
New York Daily News
With a noreaster bearing down on a still recovering New York, insurance companies will have to accept photographic proof of damage from Superstorm Sandy, Gov. Cuomo said. Cuomo called the approaching storm "serious."More

Alameda, Calif.'s city workers to be asked to pay more for benefits
San Jose Mercury News
City workers will be asked to pay more for their pension and medical benefits during upcoming contract talks, a move that comes as city leaders look for ways to offset the growing liability of funding benefits for retired employees.More

Plan for cameras pits safety versus privacy in Sugar Land, Texas
Houston Chronicle
Motorists driving into Sugar Land may soon turn right into a growing debate between the need for government surveillance and the protection of civil liberties, a sensitive issue cropping up in cities across Texas and the nation.More

Municipal planners say existing highway laws govern food trucks
Malibu Surfside News
Does the Malibu City Council in California want to impose additional regulations on mobile vendors and mobile billboard displays? That's the question planners are asking council members at a council meeting. The staff was asked to bring back a report to give the council an overview of the issues as well as the options for enforcement possibilities.More

Montgomery City Council in Alabama proposes ordinance that would tow uninsured vehicles
Montgomery Advertiser
The Montgomery City Council in Alabama is considering a controversial ordinance that would allow police to impound an uninsured vehicle that is stopped for a traffic violation. Currently, if someone is pulled over and found to be driving without insurance, the individual is issued a citation and allowed to continue driving the vehicle.More