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Nov. 19, 2009

Lawmaker: What if terrorists took New York City's mayor's kid
The Associated Press via Google News
Speaking on the House floor, Republican Rep. John Shadegg wondered whether bringing the professed mastermind of the 2001 attacks to face trial in Manhattan would endanger everyone from the mayor's daughter to the "judge's wife."More

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Mark your calendars for PRIMA's 2010 Annual Conference in Orlando, Fla., June 6-9. Registration for the industry's premier conference for risk managers in the public sector opens in January. Register early to receive early bird rates! Stay tuned for more information about this exciting conference: Risk Management: It's Quite the Ride!More

Surveillance cameras may go up in Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood
City Council has approved $250,000 to determine where surveillance cameras could be used to keep an eye on streets in Columbus, Ohio. "The key here is really understanding the needs and expectations for privacy and setting limitations with safeguards in place to really ensure that the systems can't be abused," said Elliot Boxerbaum, a security consultant.More

Egypt: Cairo's poorest risk being buried alive in their homes
Amnesty International USA
The Egyptian authorities must take immediate and inclusive steps to protect Cairo's poorest inhabitants living in "unsafe areas" where they are at risk from rockslides and other dangers, Amnesty International said in a new report. "Thousands of Egypt's poor are trapped by poverty and neglect that could ultimately end in their deaths," said Malcolm Smart, Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa director.More

Sex offender ban sought for homeless shelters
The Boston Globe
The Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, which represents 90 organizations that provide services to the homeless, has urged state lawmakers to add shelters to an increasingly long list of residential bans for many sex offenders. They are already barred in some communities from living near schools, day-care centers, parks, playgrounds, libraries, or nursing homes.More

Our View: Giving Thomson prison a use, at long last
Journal Star
Is Illinois at grave risk of a terror attack, willing to trade away the safety of its citizens for a few hundred million bucks? That's been the message over the last few days as some politicians have tried to play on people's fears amid a debate over possibly selling little-used Thomson Correctional Center in the northwest part of the state to the federal government to use as a prison, with space reserved for the military to house inmates from the soon-to-be-closed Guantanamo Bay camp for terror detainees.More

Texas group warns of weaknesses at land ports
The Associated Press via Google News
The Texas Border Coalition, a group representing border city mayors, county judges and economic development commissions, called for $6 billion to improve land ports of entry and 5,000 new customs officers during the next four years. The group said the money is needed to correct the imbalance between the security at ports of entry and the security covering the points between.More

Los Angeles officials to consider Jackson memorial costs
The Desert Sun
The amount of taxpayer money spent on the Michael Jackson memorial - and whether any of it should be reimbursed by the event organizer - will be discussed by the Los Angeles City Council's Public Safety Committee.More

Nuclear reaction
The Whitehaven News
The reasons for new nuclear power developments from both a national and a local perspective are compelling. Nationally, we need to ensure that our energy supplies are more secure and that they are less susceptible to the whims of the governments of other oil- and gas-rich countries not necessarily disposed towards the development of the British economy. Even more importantly, as the largest and most reliable provider of CO2 free electricity, nuclear has a unique role in helping us to meet our climate change obligations nationally, and in helping to avoid catastrophic climate change internationally.More