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Nov. 22, 2011

City pulls the plug on Occupy Minneapolis
Courthouse News Service
Occupy Minneapolis claims Hennepin County is suppressing political speech by prohibiting tents, cutting off electricity and otherwise harassing protesters at the county government plaza, an historic area for such demonstrations.More

Problems found at detention center
Richmond Times-Dispatch
An investigation of Richmond's Juvenile Detention Center in Virginia has found a locking system that doesn't work reliably, an ineffective security-camera system and a malfunctioning intercom among a host of security gaps at the facility in Shockoe Bottom.More

Gigabit Cops
The Atlantic
One day, a group of officials in Chattanooga, Tenn., got an idea. They were going to go down to the Tennessee riverfront and count ducks. Depending on your interest in ducks, this could be interpreted as a wasteful venture. But for Chattanooga, it was a crucial test of a growing set of tools that are dramatically changing operations and public safety in the city.More

Post-9/11 tradeoff: Security vs. civil liberties
In the early months after the 9/11 terror attacks, America's visceral reaction was to gird for a relentless, whatever-it-takes quest to punish those responsible and prevent any recurrences. To a striking extent, those goals have been achieved. Yet over the years, Americans have also learned about trade-offs, about decisions and practices that placed national security on a higher plane than civil liberties and, in the view of some, above the rule of law.More

Cities and towns going broke: Who is next?
The comprehensive pension reform package signed into law by Rhode Island Governor Chafee recently cuts the state's unfunded pension liability by about $3 billion immediately, but Chafee, municipal leaders and economists are saying the failure the address local pension plans may send cities and towns down a path similar to that of Central Falls.More

New CTA security cameras at train stations installed
weeks ahead of schedule

The Huffington Post
Some 1,500 new security cameras have been installed at Chicago Transit Authority train stations throughout the city, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and CTA President Forrest Claypool are expected to announce.More

Passive Occupy protesters take pepper spray blast
Protesters sitting on the ground supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement on the campus of the University of California, Davis took a face full of pepper spray at close range from an officer in riot gear in an incident that was captured on cellphone video and spread virally across the Internet recently.More

Chicago's water department says it's secure against cyber attack
The Chicago department in charge of the city's water said it's safe from cyber attack. That comes after what may have been a cyber attack on a water facility just outside of Springfield, Ill. On Nov. 8, attackers allegedly gained access to a rural Illinois water utility network and its pumps.More

Fixing manhole problems goes beyond Super Bowl
The Indianapolis Star
In the aftermath of the city's latest series of manhole explosions, Indianapolis Power & Light Co. assured city officials recently that it is taking extra measures to safeguard the area around Lucas Oil Stadium before the Super Bowl.More