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Nov. 29, 2012

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New York City mayor to ask Congress for $9.8 billion for Sandy costs
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently said he will ask Congress for $9.8 billion to pay for superstorm Sandy costs not covered by insurance or other federal funds. In a letter to New York's congressional delegation, Bloomberg said public, private and indirect losses to the city from the devastating late-October storm totaled an estimated $19 billion.More

Philadelphia legislation would offer tax credits for health benefits to same-sex partners
The Philadelphia Inquirer
City Councilman James Kenney is to introduce legislation that would give a tax credit to employers who provide health care benefits to same-sex partners, saying his bill would make Philadelphia, already a popular city for gays and lesbians to live, even more so.More

39 Idaho cities forced to pay extra to pool insurance program to offset unexpected claims
The Republic
Nearly 40 Idaho cities are facing double-digit increases in health insurance premiums because a pool insurance program they joined earlier this year was hit with some unexpected early claims. Cities big and small joined the Idaho Independent Intergovernmental Authority program in March, in hopes of lower annual insurance premiums.More

City's liability premium $20,000 higher than predicted
The Daily Republic
Mitchell, S.D.'s liability insurance premium increased about $26,000 this year, forcing the City Council to provide a supplement to the budget to cover it. "The premiums were $20,000 higher than we budgeted," said Human Resources Director Billie Kelly.More

Beebe, Ark., files suit over fire insurance money
Claims Journal
The Arkansas city of Beebe has filed suit against White County over how the county distributes some funding to area fire departments. The suit was filed by Beebe Mayor Mike Robertson and the Beebe City Council after the county decided to distribute funding based on 2000 Census population numbers, rather than the updated 2010 data.More

City retirees face health care hike
Chicago Sun-Times
Thousands of retired city employees are being warned to brace for a costly change to their city-subsidized health care plan tied to an $800 million unfunded liability for Chicago taxpayers. Jim Mohler, executive director of the Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund, sounded the alarm in a letter to retirees and the widowed spouses of deceased city employees.More

Springfield, Mo., says sewer line insurance not required
Springfield, Mo., officials want people to know that the city isn't requiring residents to buy insurance for their sewer lines. They're telling people this after American Water Resources of Missouri sent letters to area residents saying they are responsible for maintaining their sewer service lines.More