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Dec. 17, 2009

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Dallas-Fort Worth area moves to top tier of terrorism targets
The Dallas Morning News
Dallas is now officially one of the nation's top 10 terrorist targets – a designation that sounds alarming but which state and local officials have sought for years, because it means millions in federal funds to beef up security. The Department of Homeland Security's precise reasons remain secret, but there were plenty of educated guesses Wednesday about the many factors that justify putting Dallas on a list with New York and Washington, D.C. They include population growth, huge sports venues, economic impact, and even the fact that an ex-president calls the city home.More

Few Thomson, Ill., residents surprised — or opposed — to prison
Chicago Sun-Times
Few Thompson, Ill., residents appeared surprised by the announcement that federal officials want to buy the Thomson Correctional Center and use it to house terrorism suspects. The surprise may be that most in Thomson seem to support the proposal as a way to economically revive the struggling town of fewer than 600 residents tucked in the state's northwest corner.More

Court will rule on privacy of text messages sent on employer-owned devices
Los Angeles Times
Last year, the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals broke new ground by ruling that the police officers had a "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their text messages. The officers had been led to believe by a supervisor that the devices were also for personal use, the appeals court said. The Supreme Court said it would rule for the first time on whether employees have a right to privacy when they send text messages on electronic devices supplied by their employers.More

Cuts create unsafe conditions, reps say
Cumberland Times-News
Representatives of the association responsible for negotiating for six of nine elements of Maryland government workers engaged in "a lively conversation" with all four members of the District 1 legislative delegation. One female correctional officer said North Branch Correctional Institution has eliminated overtime on her shift and has "collapsed posts" — reducing the number of required officers per shift at certain stations — on certain days of the week. She said the change has created an unsafe environment for her and her colleagues.More

Gas scare intensifies safety risk
Winnipeg Free Press
During the final city council meeting of 2009 for Winnipeg, Canada, a man walked into the council chamber with a liquor bottle full of gas that eventually was spilled on a set of steps in the east gallery. As the smell of petroleum wafted through the chamber, council Speaker Harry Lazarenko told city clerk Richard Kachur, "We have to seriously take a look at the type of security we have in this building."More

Kansas state official certain biolab will be secure
Cattle Network
Putting the top level animal disease research facility in Manhattan, Kan., has raised concerns about safety to people and cattle. What if a tornado hit the lab on Kansas State University's campus? What if there's an accidental leak, spreading highly contagious foot-and-mouth disease to cattle in the area and beyond? What if terrorists found a way to breach the facility's security? Jerry Jaax, who has spent decades researching the areas that the Manhattan lab will handle, has heard all of those concerns and more.More

TSA breach exposes PDF file risk
Information Week
Employees at the Transportation Security Administration inadvertently exposed classified information about the agency's security procedures because, apparently, they don't know how PDF documents work. What's not clear is how many other government departments, legal agencies, healthcare providers, and other organizations that deal with sensitive information are unaware that a quirk in Adobe's Portable Document Format can leave data open to prying eyes.More

Yellowstone County Courthouse to get safety upgrade
Billings Gazette
A sign in the lobby of the Yellowstone County Courthouse warns that it is illegal to bring weapons into the building. But beyond that warning and a few locked doors, security at one of the busiest public buildings in downtown Billings, Mont., is on the honor system.More