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Dec. 22, 2011

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In 2012, PRIMA’s membership will elect a new president-elect and several directors to serve on the PRIMA Board of Directors. This is an opportunity for you to make a meaningful contribution to the public risk management profession by assuming a leadership role at the national level! All voting members representing government entities are invited to run for office to serve on PRIMA's Board of Directors. Complete information, including application, can be found on the PRIMA website.More

Police deaths climb to 4-year-high
Officer John David Dryer pulled over a motorist late Sunday night near Washington, a small town outside of Pittsburgh, and began conducting what appeared to be a routine traffic stop. The driver, Eli Franklin Myers III, was uninsured and had an expired registration. But when Dryer informed Myers his car would be towed, investigators said Myers pulled out a gun and fatally shot Dryer in the head.More

Indianapolis shows off people and gear that will keep city safe during Super Bowl
The Indianapolis Star
If you're seeking some privacy Super Bowl week, stay home. Go downtown in Indianapolis, and somebody will be watching. From hovering helicopters to mounted street-corner cameras to hand-held videos, federal, state and local law enforcement officials will be able to track your every move in real time.More

2 South Jersey mayors urge New Jersey to stop unemployment insurance for beach workers
Statehouse Bureau via
It's a way of life for some lifeguards, badge checkers, police officers and public works employees who report for work at the Jersey Shore in May and collect their last paycheck shortly after Labor Day: Work all summer at the shore, maybe work another job and collect unemployment in the off-season.More

New York City, nonprofits at odds over legal liability
at 14 restart schools

Gotham Schools
A dispute over who would take the fall if something goes wrong inside struggling schools is delaying a federally funded turnaround effort that had already gotten off to a slow start. As part of its application to secure school improvement grants, the city agreed to hand over operations to independent education organizations at 14 of its lowest-performing schools through a process called "restart."More

City of Wichita, Kan., pushing forward with plan to take over police impound tows
Wichita Business Journal
The city of Wichita, Kan., appears to be moving ahead, pending Wichita City Council approval, with a plan to handle police impound tows on its own, instead of calling in local towing companies. But if the businesses currently on the city's towing rotation have anything to say about it, the council won't be offering its approval on the deal.More

Top 20 cities for drunken driving offenders via Fox News
California dreamin' may mean cruising down the highway and partying like a Hollywood celebrity, but if you mix the two, you could face a sobering reality. Three of the nation's top five locations for big-city DUI citations are in California, according to data on DUI citations in 20 of the nation's largest U.S. cities for Nov. 1, 2010, to Oct. 31, 2011.More

Hanford, Calif., votes 3-2 to change liability insurance
Hanford Sentinel
Hanford, Calif., will leave the insurance pool program it has been in for 32 years in June and join a new program, which officials say would give them more control over how claims are settled and which attorney they use. In a rare split vote, the Hanford City Council decided to give the Central San Joaquin Valley Risk Management Authority notice of withdrawal at the end of the fiscal year and join the California State Association of Counties-Excess Insurance Authority next July.More

Safety especially important when snow and sidewalks meet
As we all dream of a white Christmas — which we have only been able to enjoy about every other year or so lately — it also means we are waiting to enter the next phase of Wisconsin seasons: Snow season. And snow season means removing snow.More