Advertisers share their positive views on radio

Advertisers share their positive views on radio

Annette Malave, RAB

Here’s what the medical, telecom and beverage categories have in common.

“The reach that radio gives is so important and a big part of our mix.” Although stated by Larry Schweber, Divisional Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Comcast, it was the overarching sentiment at the “Advertisers Speak!” panel session during the 2015 Radio Show.

While this panel represented diverse categories, their sentiments about radio and advice to the industry was consistent: Be thoughtful about our business, be a good listener and be innovative. Their strongest partnerships are with those who provide them with unique ideas to meet their marketing challenges.

Carleen McCarthy, Director, Local & Customer Media Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America, emphasized that “partnership is based on aligning our mutual goals. Radio is a phenomenal partner in bringing Coke to life on Main Street.”

The session emphasized that radio’s greatest asset is the on-air personality and their unique connection to listeners. Each of the panelists underscored the value of endorsement programs and strongly believe in the importance of meeting with local personalities.

“I meet the local talent,” stated Arra Yerganian, CMO & Branding Officer, Sutter Health. “I want to understand what makes them unique.”

Understanding what motivates each of their consumers is also important and programmatic is a step towards helping with their messaging. Coca-Cola is making inroads with the topic of programmatic. Comcast already has access to data. Schweber “strongly believes that anything that makes the buy process better, more efficient, and more accurate” works for him. Programmatic will not replace the one-to-one buyer/seller relationship. “It’s not the end-all and be-all. Someone needs to be there to watch what is going on.”

Here’s just some of the advice the panelists offered the industry to help grow their business:
  • We challenge you to be thoughtful about what you can do to help us break through.
  • We are constantly trying to find out how we can make the connections with our consumers so strong that they will share it.
  • Be a good listener. Understand what motivates us to bring our brand to the market.
  • Lean into innovation. Help them understand how radio can help them be more innovative in today’s world.