Trust and Truth – New Audio Campaign Assets Available

Given the recent Facebook boycott and continuous concerns regarding brand safety, transparency and trusted environments for advertising, RAB thought it important to provide you the tools to reinforce to the advertising community and listeners that broadcast radio is not only a safe place for brand messages, but it is trusted by consumers and influential when it comes to their decision-making.

To that end, we partnered with Yamanair Creative, who has created an audio campaign for you to use on your airwaves to broadcast the simple yet powerful message about truth, trust and radio.

Radio always has and will continue to fulfill the responsibility of the trust we have earned with our listening audiences and advertising partners.

As this campaign conveys, now is the time where every action a brand takes is a reflection of its beliefs and now is a perfect time to remind our advertising partners and listeners that they are in good hands with radio to protect their brand’s truth.

The ‘Trust and Truth’ spots can be customized with your station branding and may be downloaded for FREE here.