Radio and The Home Depot: Working together

Radio and The Home Depot: Working together


Commercials for The Home Depot have been a fixture on radio airwaves for many years, so it’s obvious that the world’s largest home improvement retailer is a fan of the medium – and the results those ads deliver.

That was confirmed Thursday morning at the 2015 Radio Show Advertiser Breakfast, during a Q&A exchange with Michael Hibbison, Vice President Integrated Media for The Home Depot. Joining Hibbison from The Home Depot’s agency partners were Diane Fannon, Principal of The Richards Group, and Ed Gorman EVP, Managing Director of Carat USA.

“The Home Depot has been one of the top advertisers on radio for many years, and we appreciate your continued support,” stated RAB President/CEO Erica Farber, who moderated the session.

Hibbison, who admittedly “bleeds orange,” acknowledged the mutual benefits of the advertising relationship.

“Without the continued success in reaching customers that radio has provided us, we wouldn’t be able to do all that we do today. We have a customer base that listens to radio; they really like it.

“It’s one medium that has truly stood the test of time,” he said.

Hibbison, Gorman and Fannon talked about the all-on-the-same-page partnership they’ve developed in setting goals to connect with Home Depot customers. Because virtually every consumer knows about The Home Depot, building brand awareness is not the company’s primary advertising goal.

“We need to be relevant to our customers and the products they need at the time they need them, and radio has played such a huge part in helping us get the message out,” Hibbison explained. “We look very closely at metrics.”

“And the data we have on radio is always really strong,” Fannon added.

The Home Depot regularly charts trends to see how its advertising is performing in all of its media channels. Gorman noted that they’ve been impressed with radio’s reach for many years.

“I love radio,” he said. “It’s very nimble, and not all media are like that. We can quickly make changes in our advertising due to factors like changes in the weather.”

Fannon described how much her agency enjoys working in radio, which is evident by the fact that The Richards Group is a multiple winner of Radio Mercury Awards.

“We do love radio,” she remarked. “It can be hard to do really good radio, but our writers love it. Radio fills a role of urgency for our customers, and we write accordingly. Radio has the ability to pull you in, and make you listen.”

In closing, Hibbison provided some advice for radio salespeople looking to work with The Home Depot.

“It’s not about The Home Depot; it’s about our customers and what they want and need. If you come to us with ideas you believe can help us, we’re all ears.”