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Jan. 24, 2014

Hands-on urbanism: How to make a difference
Canadian Architect
This exhibition at the Urbanspace Gallery in Toronto focuses on alignments between architecture, landscape, planning, art, activism, and civic engagement, and is devoted to a history of ideas of appropriating land in urban space and reveals potential for initiatives by citizens willing to take action in crisis situations. The presentation is based upon a critical history of ideas about the politics of space.More

Plage de l'Est à Montréal : Le projet lauréat
L'équipe formée des firmes Ruccolo et Faubert architectes et de Ni conception architecture de paysage, lauréate du concours d'architecture du paysage organisé par l'arrondissement de Rivières-des-Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles, aménagera la plage de l'Est, à Montréal.More

I want to be an architect. What will my salary be?
The Globe and Mail
Architects design buildings, but that's only a small part of the job, says Allan Teramura, a RAIC regional director and partner at Ottawa-based Watson MacEwen Teramura Architects. Architects also help to oversee construction, and spend a lot of time doing analysis and studies. Architects can start their day wearing a suit in a boardroom and finish it wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots on a construction site.More

Building for wellness: Architectural responses to the changing needs of health care
Canadian Architect
This exhibition at Harbourfront's Architecture Gallery in Toronto is curated by Patrick Macaulay, and features the work of Diamond Schmitt Architects, KPMB Architects, Stantec Inc. and HDR Inc., Patrick Spear, Ian Chodikoff, and a visual arts installation by Brendan George Ko. What role does architecture play in the health of people?More

'Maison T', à Sutton, Québec : Ode à la contemplation
Le Courrier de l'Architecte
La maison T est une maison de plaisance livrée en mars 2013 par Natalie Dionne Architecture pour une famille urbaine dans les Cantons de l'Est (Québec). Elle est inspirée des écrits de Pline le Jeune, dans lesquels l'imaginaire est stimulé par des descriptions sensuelles de villas italiennes qui, datant de l'Antiquité, permettent la contemplation du paysage environnant.More

Reconduction des budgets du Fonds du patrimoine culturel québécois jusqu'en 2015
M. Maka Kotto, ministre de la Culture et des Communications, ainsi que Mme Manon Gauthier, membre du comité exécutif, responsable de la culture, du patrimoine, du design, d'Espace pour la vie et du statut de la femme à la Ville de Montréal, annoncent que les budgets du Fonds du patrimoine culturel québécois, inscrits dans l'Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal, seront reconduits jusqu'en 2015.More

Travel Top 5: The world's most threatened monuments
Many cultural and historic monuments in the world might not be around much longer. There are places that have stood for hundreds, or even thousands, of years which could be destroyed through violence or just plain neglect. The World Monuments Fund has identified many of these sites which are in need of urgent conservation. Every year it updates the list of what it thinks is most threatened.More

University Boulevard Transit Shelters / PUBLIC Architecture + Communication
Arch Daily
The UBC campus is full of holes. Some are below ground where construction sites pepper nearly every corner of campus. Some are at grade where the historic figure ground is a mixed bag of building forms, dead-ends and disjointed academic neighborhoods. Some are higher up still, off the ground — floating in the tree canopy.More

Canada brings Arctic architecture into the spotlight for Venice Biennale
The Globe and Mail
From the land of snowdrifts to the city of canals — five designs that use architecture to address the realities of Inuit life in Nunavut are Canada's entry to this year's Venice Biennale, one of the world's top showcases for builder's art. "We all have the images of the Arctic that we get in National Geographic," said Lola Sheppard, a Toronto architect and a curator of the Arctic Adaptations show that is to open in Venice in June.More

Azure Magazine names Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum top project to watch
Huffington Post
The building was designed by Toronto-based Teeple Architects — the same firm that designed the Montrose Cultural Centre in Grande Prairie. "The building tells the story of the bone-bed, the scientists and researchers, and of the Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai (a dinosaur first found in Wembley and identified as a new species in 2008)," said Martin Baron of Teeple Architects, in a news release. More

Winnipeg museum's twists and turns pushed bounds of construction techniques for PCL
Edmonton Journal
When a team from Edmonton's PCL Construction first saw the iconic, soaring design for the $350 million Canadian Museum of Human Rights now nearing completion in Winnipeg, they "resisted the urge to run," according to a company vice-president. "Just one look at this breathtaking, iconic structure and its uniqueness is apparent. However, what you can't see in the architectural twist of concrete, glass, steel and stone is as compelling as what you can see," said Sean Barnes.More

Historic mansion to be rescued one brick at a time
Edmonton Journal
An Old Strathcona mansion facing demolition could be saved by a history buff hoping to take it apart brick by brick and rebuild it somewhere else. The 105-year-old Arthur Davies house at 10606 84 Ave. was sold last summer to a developer who plans to tear it down so he can construct condominiums.More