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Feb. 20, 2015

Provencher_Roy named 2015 RAIC Architectural Firm Award recipient
Canadian Architect
Provencher_Roy, a Montreal firm noted for a number of major projects which include airports, hotels and university buildings, will receive the 2015 Architectural Firm Award of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). "Provencher_Roy was chosen for the breadth and consistently high quality of work over many years," said the five-member jury. "They have worked with a broad range of clients and project types. The firm is recognized for its collaborative work and the excellence of its working and peer-learning environment."More

Jim Watson joins critics of 'victims of communism' monument location
CBC News
Ottawa's mayor has joined a growing list of detractors who oppose the location of a national memorial for victims of communism, set to be built along Wellington Street in the Nation's Capital. The $5.5 million-dollar monument by a Toronto architect features six rising, concrete slabs covered with millions of "memory squares" to commemorate lives lost under various communist regimes.More

Second architects association protests memorial location
Ottawa Citizen
The Ontario Association of Architects has joined its national counterpart in urging the federal government to find a new home for a memorial scheduled to rise this year outside the front door of the Supreme Court of Canada. In a recent letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the group says the planned location would detract from both the significance of the Memorial to Victims of Communism and the prominence and "symbolic context" of existing architecture at the site.More

Could architectural 3-D printing usher a comeback for physical models?
Architecture & Design
Nearly as quickly as architects swapped their sketchbooks and pencils for CAD programs, traditional physical architectural models were also mostly replaced by interactive 3D digital versions. Because CAD programs have now evolved to include 3D modelling capabilities, architects can now design in 2D/3D synchronized modelling workflows and can produce a 3D digital building model that can be "walked through" from a computer.More

Monument aux victimes du communisme: Watson dénonce l'emplacement
La Presse
La voix du maire d'Ottawa, Jim Watson, s'ajoute à toutes celles qui dénoncent l'emplacement du Monument commémoratif des victimes du communisme près du parlement. «Ça serait une plaie dans le paysage de cette moitié de la rue Wellington», a-t-il déclaré. La structure de 5,5 millions$ doit être aménagée sur la pelouse sise entre les bâtiments de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada et de la Cour suprême après avoir eu la bénédiction de la Commission de la capitale nationale (CCN).More

Copper huts planned for Canadian golf resort will "disappear" over time
Canadian architectural studio MU has proposed the construction of approximately 50 triangular luxury huts as part of the Bigwin Island development in Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada. The "Giants of Bigwin" project features a collection of private retreats dedicated to guests of the esteemed Bigwin Golf Club. Measuring between 1,200 and 1,500 square feet (111 and 140 sqm), the huts are designed to eventually blend into their leafy surrounds.More

Tête des ponts: la tour de Cominar aura 60 étages
La Presse
La tour projetée par la firme Cominar sur le boulevard Laurier ne sera pas de 50 étages, mais plutôt de 60. «Pas moins de 60, c'est ça», a lancé le maire de Québec sans en dire plus. «Je vais laisser le promoteur l'annoncer. Ça ne devrait pas être très long», a-t-il toutefois ajouté, confirmant ainsi une information du FM93.More

Hyper localization of architecture explores sustainable archetypes
Design Boom
A book will be available in april 2015 written by Andrew Michler which focuses on a new term in the context, "hyperlocal architecture." In the lexical meaning, "hyperlocal" refers to "extremely local" and collects news and information in the vicinity of its community. The book constitutively takes into consideration a site and its changeable environmental factors playing an important role in the design process.More

Development wave hits Gastown
The Vancouver Sun
The controversial proposal for a 26-storey glass tower on the edge of Gastown ignited civic passions. Proponents think it would be a stunning addition to the waterfront, others think it's way too big and modern for the site. But it isn't the only contentious redevelopment proposal in Gastown. A design by Musson Cattell Mackey architects would have a new building go up with a similar brick facade and windows. The cornice would be at the top of the sixth floor, and a seventh storey would be set back so you couldn’t see it from the street.More

Waterfront Toronto's 'innovation centre' plans unveiled
The Globe and Mail
Waterfront Toronto has taken the wraps off designs for a proposed "innovation centre," a nine-storey building being touted as the next stage of redevelopment of the eastern harbour. Toronto-based Menkes Developments Ltd. would build and own the project. Under the proposed deal, it would buy the city-owned site near Sugar Beach for an undisclosed amount after it finds a lead tenant and begins construction, which is expected to happen at the end of next year. Waterfront Toronto, which is responsible for developing former industrial lands on the harbour, selected Menkes to develop the site in a competition.More

WAG to launch Canadian tour of Arctic Adaptations: Nunavut at 15
Arctic Adaptations is a team-based project initiated and led by Lateral Office of Toronto, an experimental design practice that operates at the intersection of architecture, landscape, and urbanism. The exhibition surveys a century of Arctic architecture, an urbanizing present, and a projective near future of adaptive architecture in Nunavut. More