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Jun. 26, 2015

Jenga-like high-rise connects residents with the world
Let's pretend for a moment that buildings are built out of Jenga blocks. For the past century or so, skyscrapers have more or less been built from pieces that are uniformly stacked on top of one another vertically, creating solid, streamlined structures. We did this because it was efficient. Now imagine that someone came along, plucked a few of those Jenga blocks out of the tower, flipped them horizontally, stuck them back into the edifice, and walked away. What are you left with? Something that looks a lot like the tower that architect Ole Scheeren is proposing for Vancouver.More

Coalition of architects urges relocation of Memorial to Victims of Communism
Ottawa Citizen
A coalition of architects, planners and landscape designers is urging National Capital Commission chairman Russell Mills to appeal directly to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to relocate the proposed Memorial to the Victims of Communism. "Consultations, discussions and decisions affecting the future of Canada's Capital should not be driven by political expediency," the coalition says in an open letter to Mills. "The parliamentary and judicial precincts are not a playground for the whim of the moment."More

Roger du Toit: Urban designer reshaped Canadian cities
The Globe and Mail
In an age of specialization, urban planners are by definition highly multidisciplinary, cultivating or enlisting others with skills in architecture, urbanization, landscaping and project management. But few in the planning field have been as widely and deeply skilled as Roger du Toit. His wide-ranging expertise helped make him one of Canada's most important and influential urban designers, who was bestowed a rare triple official recognition as a professional architect, landscape architect and planner.More

World's tallest wood building would store 3,700MT CO2e
Environmental Leader
Michael Green Architecture of Vancouver, Canada, along with architecture, design and engineering agency DVVD of Paris and real estate developer REI France have proposed a green building project called Baobab that would feature the world's tallest wood building at 35-stories. The project's collection of wood structures would offer greater environmental responsibility and a lower carbon footprint than other alternatives, according to the companies.More

Ouverture du SPOT dans Saint-Roch
L'ancien centre funéraire Lépine-Cloutier, aujourd'hui une centrale créative, sera grouillant de vie cet été sur Saint-Vallier. Le SPOT commence ses activités ce soir dans la cour intérieure du Réacteur. Pour sa soirée d'ouverture, le SPOT présente notamment des prestations des groupes Mauves, Les Guerres D'l'Amour et We Are Wolves. Plusieurs activités se dérouleront jusqu'au 15 août. Des soirées swing, des samedis matin yoga, des journées en famille avec du cinéma en plein air seront notamment présentées chaque semaine.More

Finalists for Montreal's Luminothérapie competition announced
Canadian Architect
The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership has announced the finalists for the 2015-16 edition of the Luminothérapie competition. Now in its sixth year, the annual event features innovative and participatory urban installations that offer a playful winter experience to visitors to the Quartier des Spectacles in Montreal. The concept is required to showcase and enliven the Place des Festivals with a luminous and audible primary work that can be enjoyed both day and night, plus video projections for the nine permanent projection sites in the Quartier. In previous years, the competition had two components: the main installation and the video projections.More

Concours Luminothérapie 2015: les finalistes dévoilés
Le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles est fier d'annoncer les finalistes de la sixième édition du concours Luminothérapie 2015-2016, un concours annuel d'installations urbaines innovantes et participatives proposant une expérience hivernale ludique aux visiteurs du Quartier des spectacles. Le concept doit mettre en valeur et animer la place des Festivals par une oeuvre principale lumineuse et sonore et pouvant être appréciée autant de jour qu'à la nuit tombée, ainsi que des vidéoprojections architecturales pour les neuf façades du Quartier. More

You've never heard of the team designing the new Guggenheim
The new Guggenheim satellite, to be built in Helsinki, won't be designed by Norman Foster, Frank Gehry, or Zaha Hadid. Instead, the plan comes from a husband-and-wife team you've never heard of. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum recently announced the winning design for the new waterfront building. Make that 10 new buildings. The design, by the young French studio Moreau Kusunoki Architectes, is a series of nine dark, single-story pavilions and one lighthouse tower oriented around an interior pedestrian street.More