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Jul. 5, 2013

Meet the 'Genius of Light' who transformed Harbourfront's parking garage
The Globe and Mail
James Carpenter, the MacArthur "genius"-grant-winning light artist and architect who has won acclaim for recent projects, has created a brilliant installation at Harbourfront's new garage and public square. Called Light Cascade, the piece is a wall of glass three storeys tall and 15 metres wide that refracts and channels light down into the underground parking garage through a large opening and, thanks to lights at the bottom, will illuminate Ontario Square, the new public space on the waterfront.More

Lauréat du Prix du jeune architecte 2013 du RAIC | Architecture Canada
Le Courrier de l'Architecte
Le Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) a annoncé qu'il décernait son Prix du jeune architecte 2013 à Maxime-Alexis Frappier, architecte associé senior, MOAQ, MIRAC. Maxime-Alexis Frappier a obtenu son diplôme de l'Ecole d'architecture de l'Université de Montréal en 2000, où il a remporté le prestigieux 'Canadian Architect Student Award of Excellence' pour son projet de fin d'études.More

Ottawa's updated Official Plan reviewed
Daily Commercial News
The City of Ottawa's updated Official Plan outlines a strategy for affordable growth, with strong support for developing liveable, more complete communities that offer residents a sustainable mix of housing, employment and recreation uses. City planners are proposing some strategic changes to the plan, rather than a wholesale rethink of the document, which guides Ottawa's development. More

Shortlisted architects for Emily Carr University revealed
The Globe and Mail
The new $134 million campus for the Emily Carr University of Art + Design — a project that has the potential to change Vancouver's urban landscape — has reached an important milestone. Proposals for this large-scale project has been narrowed down to three. The shortlist names are all Canadian. They include Vancouver-based Bing Thom Architects, Toronto-based Diamond Schmitt Architects, and Toronto-based Zeidler Partnership Architects.More

Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal — Pavillon 5
Just as layers of history accumulate through time to offer varying perspectives on culture and environment, Saucier + Perrotte's design for the Fifth Pavilion of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is composed of a series of mineral strata that form a home for the Hornstein collection of art. Floating gently above street level, each marble stratum is superimposed to produce a sculpted volume containing the collection and defining a space dedicated to the next generation of Montreal art lovers.More

Coca-Cola's new office a refreshing space
Daily Commercial News
Coca-Cola Canada has combined its operations in a new people-centred workplace in the heart of downtown Toronto. Targeting LEED Silver, the facility is located on transit lines and is equipped with bike parking and showers, encouraging employees to leave their cars at home. Inventive use of recycled materials including cardboard chandeliers, glass-bottle chairs and a bottle-cap tapestry frame the interior. More

Migrating Landscapes Unpacked: Concept, Process, Impressions, Legacy
Canadian Architect
Cambridge Galleries presents Migrating Landscapes Unpacked: Concept, Process, Impressions, Legacy, curated by Esther E. Shipman at their Design at Riverside gallery. Migrating Landscapes was a landmark open-source exhibition and Canada's entry to the 13th International Architecture Exposition—La Biennale di Venezia — considered to be the premiere architecture exposition in the world. More

London skyscraper may be redesigned to trap and convert air pollution into biofuel
The Royal College of Arts (RCA) may see one of its students radically change London's skyline in the future. Dezeen has reported that Chang-Yeob Lee, an architecture masters student of RCA, wants to completely redesign the look of London's BT Tower sometime in the future by adding exterior carbon fibre and steel rigging, which will be designed to capture and convert air pollution into sustainable fuel.More

Suède: Découvrez ce gratte-ciel de 34 étages en bois et écologique
Un cabinet d'architectes suédois est à la base d'un projet fou: Construire un gratte-ciel en bois, dans le centre ville de Stockholm. Ce dernier devrait être inauguré d'ici une dizaine d'années. Un gratte-ciel plus solide que le béton ou l'acier tout en s'inscrivant dans une logique de développement durable, c'est possible ! More

New urban park, waterfront trail to be centrepiece of Ontario Place revitalization
National Post
The shuttered Ontario Place will get a new urban park and waterfront trail, Ontario's Minister of Tourism and Culture Michael Chan announced. Mr. Chan told a press conference on the former tourist attraction's now-empty grounds that the revitalization plan means Ontario Place grounds will be open to the public year-round.More

Bug protein and vertical forests: 5 world-changing ideas
Bosco Verticale means "vertical forest" in Italian, and soon that's what will stand among the skyscrapers of downtown Milan. The project is slated for completion in December and will feature two dramatic, verdant residential towers, 150 and 84 m tall. Planted with thousands of trees and shrubs,they will soar over the city's Isola neighbourhood. More

Richmond Firehall No.2 / HCMA
After extensive study, the City of Richmond decided to replace an existing 40 year old fire hall, which no longer met the needs of the community, with a new state of the art post-disaster facility. The City's goals for the project included the provision of an iconic civic facility marking the entry into the Steveston area of the community. The previous fire hall was located at this same location, however in order to accommodate the current requirements an adjacent residential property was acquired and integrated into the site. More

Research suggests a wooden future for skyscrapers
Skyscrapers dominate the skylines of our major cities, offering more urban density and greater flexibility than smaller buildings. However, concrete- and steel-based tall structures require huge amounts of energy for their construction, which comes at a significant environmental cost. This can be mitigated by incorporating technologies such as solar power, passive cooling systems and efficient lighting into the design, but what if we could go even further and build skyscrapers using sustainable materials?More

Marc-André Carignan — « Moment Factory s'exhibe à l'aéroport de L.A. »
Après l'illumination des spectacles de Madonna et de la Sagrada Família à Barcelone, Moment Factory s'attaque maintenant à l'aéroport de Los Angeles. L'entreprise montréalaise a reçu l'ambitieux mandat de créer l'environnement multimédia le plus évolué de tous les aéroports d'Amérique du Nord. Au total, 7 installations emblématiques animeront en permanence le nouveau terminal de l'aéroport avec 4 heures de contenu vidéo original.More