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Aug. 5, 2015

How Canada's top architects designed a Pan Am district from scratch
The Globe and Mail
Take a crowd of Canada's top architects, put them in a room and ask them to design a dense city neighbourhood — working with a 1,000-page book of rules and requirements. This was how the Canary District in Toronto, which will be the athletes’ village for the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games this summer, was created. Surprisingly, this city-by-committee is coming out well. The $514 million, 14-hectare complex is walkable, sustainable, contemporary but respectful of history, and economically diverse. It will efficiently house 10,000 people for Pan Am and then serve different users, in about 1,650 units, over the long term.More

Minimalist architecture goes for drama with Eaton's in Vancouver
The Globe and Mail
All around the block of a building under construction at Georgia and Granville is the busy jumble of a city: Neon signs, old terracotta buildings, black towers of the 1970s, lights, people, food trucks, noise. But the almost-completed building itself is cool, serene. The glass walls of the top three stories reflect blue sky and clouds. The rows of metal fins between the silvery windows are a study in linear geometry. Bands of large limestone tiles line the lower floors.More

Leading architects explore becoming agents of change
Journal of Commerce
Architecture as an agent of change. That's the notion Winnipeg architects Johanna Hurme and Sasa Radulovic explored at the recent Festival of Architecture in Calgary, Alta. "We graduated in the 2000s, and many of our colleagues were leaving and going to Vancouver and London... We started our firm in 2007 and made it our goal to re-invigorate local architecture in Winnipeg," explained Hurme, adding that both she and Radulovic immigrated from Europe and didn't want to relocate yet again.More

First Australian architect registers in Canada under new mutual recognition arrangement
Architecture & Design
Australia's Andrew J.D. Scott is the first architect to be registered in Canada under a mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) between Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The tri-lateral agreement regarding licencing laws was made between the three countries in February this year making Scott the first to have signed under the new framework.More

L'avenir de la Maison Alcan soulève la controverse
Des urbanistes et des architectes se portent à la défense de la Maison Alcan, qu'ils perçoivent comme un trésor architectural en plein coeur de Montréal. Ils se désolent de savoir que cet édifice, qui a conservé ses façades historiques, sera défiguré par une immense tour. Dans la foulée du déménagement du siège social de Rio Tinto Alcan dans la tour Deloitte, en 2016, les nouveaux propriétaires du complexe situé à l'intersection des rues Sherbrooke et Stanley veulent en démolir une partie et construire une tour commerciale de 30 étages.More