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Aug. 29, 2014

Top 7 buildings in Toronto with unique design features
Inside Toronto
Toronto is filled with iconic buildings that make tourists and Torontonians stop and stare; sometimes because of its sheer beauty, sometimes because it looks structurally strange or futuristic. Here are seven of the most eye-catching buildings in Toronto, for better or for worse.More

Architecture exhibit explores the future of urban design
Yale Daily News
A new exhibition at the Yale School of Architecture explores what urban areas may look like in a post-metropolitan world. The exhibition, called "Infra Eco Logi Urbanism," is based on four years of research by the Canadian architecture practice RVTR and specifically examines the Great Lakes Megaregion — a North American metropolitan area that spans the U.S. and Canada.More

Une signature LEED pour Québec
Québec Express
Après avoir relevé le défi d'une conception alliant respect du patrimoine environnant et rentabilité, La Capitale espère que son siège social récemment certifié LEED Or devienne un nouvel emblème urbain pour la haute-ville de Québec. Cette intention était déjà évoquée lors du dévoilement du projet par René Rouleau, président de la compagnie d'assurance unique propriétaire immobilier de Québec à miser sur deux bâtiments LEED (l'autre étant Le Delta III sur le boulevard Laurier). More

Large changes proposed through downtown ARP
High River Times
Design guidelines put forward through downtown Calgary's Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) by firm 02 Planning + Design could transform High River into southern Alberta's most beautiful community, according to Stephen Carruthers, architect and sub consultant. Representatives with 02 Planning and Design, the Calgary-based firm tasked with redeveloping the community's downtown, have defined five separate zones, each distinct with their own character.More

Jenkins: What makes a building beautiful?
Ottawa Citizen
While I was standing in the art-packed foyer of the new Canada Council headquarters at 150 Elgin Street, contemplating a painting that is part of the stimulating Land Reform exhibit, a question arose. What's a beautiful building? Rather, what makes a building beautiful? The prompt for this question I was asking myself, which I often do as I stroll our streets, was the back side of the former steak house, now encased within the new white tower that houses the Canada Council. More

Hume: New university architecture is open by design
Toronto Star
If architecture has anything to teach us, the city's campuses might well be the best place these days to learn its lessons. New buildings at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto bring unprecedented levels of urbanity to their students' lives as well as that of the city. They also embody the promise of inclusivity of which Toronto — by its own admission the most diverse city in the world — is so proud. The details of size, scale, transparency and materials express our civic desire for a community that is fully accessible, egalitarian and open to all. More

L'architecte Paul Laurendeau: «Le plus gros projet de ma carrière... jusqu'à maintenant»
La Presse
Les 18 derniers mois ont été parmi les plus intenses dans la vie de Paul Laurendeau. L'architecte montréalais gagnant du concours d'architecture de l'amphithéâtre de Trois-Rivières sur Saint-Laurent a tout simplement cessé de compter les heures travaillées pour mener à terme le projet qu'il qualifie du «plus gros projet de ma carrière... jusqu'à maintenant». De passage à Trois-Rivières hier pour tourner un documentaire sur l'avancement des travaux, il a accordé une entrevue exclusive au Nouvelliste au coeur même de ce chantier qui occupe toutes ses pensées depuis longtemps.More

Art Gallery of Alberta celebrates 90th birthday
CBC News
One of Edmonton's most prized cultural institutions turned 90 years old recently. Dozens attended the celebration in honour of the Art Gallery of Alberta, which was first founded in 1924. Catherine Crowston, the executive director of the Art Gallery of Alberta, says it has come a long way since it first began exhibiting art nearly a century ago. "The new gallery and its new architecture has really created a kind of focal point for downtown Edmonton," Crowston said. More

Halifax looks forward to the opening of its very own library of the future
The Globe and Mail
Halifax's new $57.6 million gleaming glass library of the future is to open later this fall — a 129,000-square-foot building in the city's downtown with a unique cantilevered rectangular glass box on the top, suggesting a stack of books. Fully accessible, culturally sensitive, environmentally sustainable and architecturally stunning, with elegant angles and lines, it is the first piece of modern architecture to be built in Halifax in decades, and the first major central library to be built in Canada in several years.More

Toronto PATH expands with new pedestrian bridge to waterfront
CTV News
Workers are installing a new pedestrian bridge across Lake Shore Boulevard this weekend as part of a plan to expand the city's PATH walkways. The bridge is lined with windows and tucked under the Gardiner Expressway, about 5.5 metres off of the ground. It connects the Air Canada Centre to the waterfront. "It actually means that we've made the waterfront all about people rather than about getting cars down there," architect John White said.More

Many of Winnipeg's well-known buildings designed by New York architects
Winnipeg Free Press
Referring to Winnipeg as the "Chicago of the North" is like comparing the city to a famous child actor who, after his television show was cancelled, spent the rest of his life reminiscing about his time in the spotlight. Focusing on this Chicago comparison not only discredits the diversity of what Winnipeg is today, it dilutes what the city was during the booming, turn-of-the-century rail-town days that inspired its nickname. Several entrepreneurs of that time looked for inspiration beyond America's Second City.More

La Maison fontaine, oasis au centre-ville
La Presse
Un édifice vert a poussé en plein Quartier des spectacles. La Maison fontaine, véritable oasis d'eau et de verdure érigée sur l'esplanade Clark, a été conçue par un collectif d'architectes de Berlin en collaboration avec le Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles (PQDS). «C'est notre plus gros projet au Canada en 10 ans, a fait savoir le directeur du Goethe Institut de Montréal, Manfred Stoffl. Notre ministère des Affaires étrangères y a investi plus de 70 000$.»More

62-storey tower to be built in downtown Edmonton
CBC News
At 62 storeys, the new Stantec Tower will be the tallest building in Edmonton and one of the tallest in western Canada. The building, will be home to 1,700 employees of the engineering, planning and architecture firm. Thirty-three of the floors will be for residential units. The tower will be built in the new downtown arena district on the present site of a parking lot across from the Greyhound bus station on 103 Avenue and 102 Street.More

The dubious rise of open-source architecture
The Globe and Mail
Conceived a couple of years ago by London-based designers Alastair Parvin, Nick Ierodiaconou and friends, this highly collaborative, communal, open-source venture, WikiHouse, proposes to make universally available the workable plans for quick-built, inexpensive, effective shelter. It's not a new dream. The provision of such housing has been a venerable, persistent aim of high architectural modernism (and of suburban developers) for more than a century.More