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Nov. 23, 2012

Carbon-neutral construction is no pipe dream
The Vancouver Sun
Construction is — and will remain — a major contributor to B.C.'s economic growth. By 2017, the industry is forecast to account for six per cent of provincial gross domestic product and 10 per cent of the workforce. At the same time, buildings and the construction process are also major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and waste production. We believe that this entwining of economic and environmental impact demands that the construction process become far more sustainable to help secure a viable future for us, and the generations to come. The full environmental impact of buildings and the construction process may not readily be recognized or known. For example, the City of Vancouver's 2008 Green House Gas Emissions (GHG) Inventory calculates that the city's buildings account for 55 per cent of the city's GHG emissions.More

Série ABC: MTL: Saucier + Perrotte Architectes
Gilles Saucier, de la firme montréalaise Saucier + Perrotte architectes, présente les projets les plus récents de la firme dont les travaux, axés notamment sur les centres culturels, ont procuré à l'agence une notoriété mondiale et lui ont valu sept prix et médailles du gouverneur général et de nombreux prix internationaux en architecture. Leur dernier projet, un stade intérieur de soccer dans le quartier Saint-Michel, fait partie d'ABC : MTL, une plateforme ouverte présentée au CCA, qui cartographie le Montréal contemporain de façons multiples et à l'aide de différentes techniques. »More

The Masonic Temple is the latest heritage building to face an uncertain future
National Post
Woe is the heritage-designated property in this city. With alarming regularity, Toronto is seeing structures that have been ignored for years suddenly whipping communities and councillors into a frenzy if someone tries to knock them down and rebuild on the land. Toronto tends to demonize the land owners, but what if it's actually the city that's failing its people? Take the Masonic Temple at Yonge and Davenport: Formerly the home of MTV Canada and vacated earlier this month by owners Bell Media, it is now up for sale. Built in 1917, the property has heritage designation and is an architectural icon, but can it be saved from simply becoming another beautiful building left to rot?More

Colloque sur l'étanchéité à l'air
Le Conseil de l'enveloppe du bâtiment du Québec (CEBQ), en collaboration avec l'OAQ, présente à nouveau son colloque annuel, qui aura lieu les 28 et 29 nov. au Palais des congrès de Montréal, et portera sur le thème de l'étanchéité à l'air. L'étanchéité à l'air est l'une des plus importantes fonctions de l'enveloppe du bâtiment. Une mauvaise conception ou une réalisation inadéquate du système pare-air entraîne souvent des problèmes de performance importants pendant la vie utile du bâtiment. Ce colloque est une occasion unique de faire le point sur les technologies et nouvelles normes des systèmes pare-air.More

Green buildings will be ubiquitous in a decade
Daily News and Analysis
A green building is one which uses less water, optimizes energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants compared with a conventional building. Phillip G Bernstein, vice-president, industry strategy and relations, Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Solutions, in conversation with Ashish K Tiwari, delves deep into the concept and its contribution to creating sustainable living. We are in this middle period where we are trying to think, fighting among ourselves whether it's important. I think in the third period, which is probably going to start 10 years from now, it will not just be a discussion but a basic part of how buildings should be built. Green buildings are going to become what we would basically do to build these structures.More

Les plus beaux gratte-ciels du monde
Le Vif Weekend
L'immeuble d'une hauteur de 139 mètres situé 1 Bligh Street dans la métropole australienne a obtenu l'International Highrise Award 2012. Le prix d'une valeur de 50.000 EUR est attribué tous les deux ans par la ville de Frankfort, le musée d'architecture allemand et la banque Deka. Le gratte-ciel elliptique de Sydney compte trente étages et est construit entièrement en verre.More

More good news on green building around the world
Sustainable Business
Green building markets are accelerating around the world and are increasingly viewed as standard, best practice, according to two recently released surveys. This is happening because design and construction professionals and building owners no longer view green building as a 'right thing to do' niche, but rather they finally see it as a business opportunity, concludes a survey by McGraw-Hill Construction. As opposed to 2008, when survey respondents said their top reason for building green was the 'right thing to do,' now the top reasons are client demand, market demand, lower operating costs and branding advantage.More

Toronto's glamorous Trump International Hotel is looking more and more like a disaster
Yahoo! Finance
The Trump Corporation's first venture into the Canadian market may be falling apart, and not just literally. Talon International Inc. — the company that developed Toronto's 65-story Trump International Hotel & Tower — is now suing seven disgruntled investors who believe they were misled, according to a recent report from The Toronto Star. The Canadian newspaper reports that 'dozens' of parties who purchased suites in the new hotel-condo complex have been trying to renege on final payments. The payments average over $500,000.More

More green leadership needed
Design Build Source
The Liberal Party of Canada says more needs to be done across the country to promote green building and construction of sustainable communities and has blasted the current government for what it claims is an abdication of leadership on sustainable municipal infrastructure. During a keynote address to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, current Liberal leader Bob Rae said more federal investment was needed to create resilient cities and communities. "The simple fact is that this Conservative government has abdicated leadership entirely on sustainable municipal infrastructure," he said. "As such, our cities and communities have been forced to pick up the slack, making critical contributions to ensuring that Canada becomes a more green and sustainable country, while adapting to the on-going and future impacts of climate change."More

Target aims for Canadian sustainability bullseye with all LEED Stores
Clean Technica
Anticipation is building for Target's Canadian nationwide opening next year, while the Minneapolis-based retail giant aims to make sure the opening is a sustainability bullseye. Target is planning for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) certification for all of its Canadian stores when it opens in 2013. The plan involves designing stores which will limit waste, cut greenhouse gasses, and limit water and energy use. With Target being a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), an organization that strives for LEED certification, officials say they look forward to meeting the environmental sustainability challenge of opening up their Canadian outlets. More

Will we ever reach the Pinnacle? Skyscraper boom crashes to earth
The Independent
When Boris Johnson inaugurated The Shard, the Mayor hailed Britain's tallest skyscraper as 'a symbol of how London is powering its way out of the global recession.' But The Shard has yet to secure its first tenant whilst six other landmark additions to London's skyline may now never be built, developers have warned, as a mania for ever-taller buildings comes crashing to earth. A sluggish property investment market has brought plans to build six ambitious new testaments to the capital's supposed economic self-confidence juddering to a halt. Construction of 100 Bishopsgate, a 172 metre skyscraper, planned to be the tallest in the City of London, is among those which have been postponed or cancelled, a BBC investigation found. A lack of advance tenants has frustrated the builders.More