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Katz unveils new details of Edmonton Arena District mega-project
Edmonton Journal
While Rogers Place arena has been scrutinized from the start, information about the area surrounding the new home of the Edmonton Oilers has been murky. Recently, Daryl Katz, team owner and co-developer of the Edmonton Arena District (EAD) made a rare appearance before journalists to reveal new details about a $2.5 billion mega-development that will transform four million square feet (including the arena) of downtown parking lots and one-storey building sites into what he calls the largest mixed-use sports and entertainment project in Canada.
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The great architect rebellion of 2014
New Republic
The Venice Biennale, which opened in 
June and runs until late November, is probably in terms of floor-area coverage, and probably also in dollars expended, the largest architecture show on Earth. Indeed, maybe the greatest too. Every other year, this exhibition takes over most of this legendary city's Arsenale, a historic complex of shipyards and armories, and the adjacent Napoleonic-era public gardens known as the Giardini — an area about one-fifth the size of Monaco. This year's Biennale promised to be especially interesting, and likely provocative, because its curator is the laconically charismatic Rem Koolhaas.
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Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ): Enquête sur les honoraires professionnels — le cas des CPE
Le bureau du syndic de l'Ordre des architectes mène actuellement plusieurs enquêtes dans des dossiers d'aménagement et de conception de centres de la petite enfance (CPE). Ces vérifications visent des architectes qui accepteraient des mandats professionnels à des taux manifestement inférieurs auTarif d'honoraires pour services professionnels fournis au gouvernement par des architectes (décret). Certains de ces architectes auraient même offert leurs services pour des sommes correspondant à 30 ou 40 pour cent de ce que prévoit le décret.
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Forget 'traditional': How builders are crafting modernist homes for the modern family
The Globe and Mail
How do you buy a modern house in Canada? Mostly, you can't. For two generations, the single-family houses offered by builders have been "traditional" — dressed with details that evoke some historic model, whether a Victorian mansion, an Arts and Crafts cottage, a Tuscan hill town, or some odd combination of the three. Yet Canadians have become more engaged with contemporary architecture in the past decade, and this paucity of design has begun to change. First, condominium towers began to shed their period costumes, with interiors and architecture that evoke the spare, well-proportioned ideals of the Modernist movement.
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Montréal a-t-elle besoin d'une architecture qui fait wow?
La Presse
Le dévoilement en juin des maquettes du futur pont Champlain a relancé le débat quant à la pertinence de doter Montréal d'une nouvelle signature architecturale. En se basant sur la vague d'architecture iconique qui déferle à l'international depuis plus d'une décennie, certains ont plaidé pour que Montréal emboîte le pas en érigeant à son tour un monument architectural présentant une signature visuelle forte. Pour eux, le nouveau pont Champlain, par sa modestie relative, constitue un rendez-vous manqué.
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Ottawa architect says government 'stealing' site for communism memorial
Ottawa Citizen
A prominent Ottawa architect is accusing the federal government of "stealing" the site that's been chosen for the new Memorial to Victims of Communism. In an open letter to Stephen Harper, Barry Padolsky urges the prime minister to find a "more appropriate" location for the memorial, to be built on a 5,000-square-metre property on Wellington Street, next to the Supreme Court of Canada.
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Manitoba's 'Da Vinci Code': Legislature a treasure trove of hidden symbols, codes
The Prince George Citizen
The seat of political power in Manitoba is the last place one might expect to find the bust of Medusa, recurring odes to "666" and the number 13, alongside Egyptian sphinxes etched with hieroglyphics. But a closer look at the province's legislature reveals a whole host of hidden clues left behind by an architect who thought his magnum opus in Winnipeg would be a jewel rooted in the beliefs of Freemasonry in the heart of one of the most powerful cities in Canada.
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Parliament's newest green roof isn't iconic copper
Oxidized copper is no longer the only cause of green rooftops around Parliament Hill. The parliamentary precinct got its first live green roof recently. Hundreds of sprigs of stonecrop, a low-growing, low-maintenance ground cover, were planted on the roof of the newly constructed annex to the Sir John A. Macdonald building, just across Wellington Street from the Hill. And there'll be more rooftop greenery planted atop the historic Wellington Building — once extensive renovations are completed.
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High School in Lachine / Marosi Troy Architectes + Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes
Arch Daily
The former John Grant School, built in 1922, was renovated and enlarged in order to house Collège Saint-Louis, an International school, and respond to the growing needs of its students and faculty. The building also includes new sports facilities, notably two double gyms and changing rooms, which were developed in partnership with the borough of Lachine. The new addition is a contemporary re-interpretation of the existing school: appropriating the scale, material palette, proportions, and rhythm of the original architectural vocabulary and transposing it into a transparent, welcoming, and dynamic new composition.
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Many of Winnipeg's well-known buildings designed by New York architects
Winnipeg Free Press
Referring to Winnipeg as the "Chicago of the North" is like comparing the city to a famous child actor who, after his television show was cancelled, spent the rest of his life reminiscing about his time in the spotlight. Focusing on this Chicago comparison not only discredits the diversity of what Winnipeg is today, it dilutes what the city was during the booming, turn-of-the-century rail-town days that inspired its nickname. Several entrepreneurs of that time looked for inspiration beyond America's Second City.

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62-storey tower to be built in downtown Edmonton
CBC News
At 62 storeys, the new Stantec Tower will be the tallest building in Edmonton and one of the tallest in western Canada. The building, will be home to 1,700 employees of the engineering, planning and architecture firm. Thirty-three of the floors will be for residential units. The tower will be built in the new downtown arena district on the present site of a parking lot across from the Greyhound bus station on 103 Avenue and 102 Street.

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Top 7 buildings in Toronto with unique design features
Inside Toronto
Toronto is filled with iconic buildings that make tourists and Torontonians stop and stare; sometimes because of its sheer beauty, sometimes because it looks structurally strange or futuristic. Here are seven of the most eye-catching buildings in Toronto, for better or for worse.

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2014 Sydney Design Award Architecture winners
Over 120 design projects were selected as finalists with 2014 attracting a record number of nominations. The awards aim to celebrate "courage in design from both commissioners and creators" across a multitude of design disciplines. The awards featured 16 categories and a series of "best of" awards in architecture, landscape and interior and urban design categories. The awards are part of the global design100 awards program which was founded in Melbourne and now has a presence in New York and London, with further plans to expand to Chicago, San Francisco and Asia.
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