RCAF Association News
Jan. 3, 2014

10. Lockheed Martin launches Canadian PR campaign for F-35
CBC News
April 12, 2013: Lockheed Martin, the giant U.S. defence contractor, is launching a cross-Canada publicity blitz to convince Canadians to buy its F-35 stealth fighter jet. It's simultaneously raising the price by a hefty $20 million a plane. Steve O'Bryan, Lockheed's vice-president for the F-35 program, said that Canada would pay $65 million per plane. Now, O'Bryan says the price is $85 million. More

9. RCAF pilot assigned to protect skies over Washington
Ottawa Citizen
June 21, 2013: It seems unbelievable that a small-town kid from Clinton, ON, would end up being the first Royal Canadian Air Force pilot assigned to protect the skies over Washington, D.C. But for effery M. Powell, a 13-year RCAF aviator, that is exactly what has happened. More

8. World War II bomber fighting for its survival in New Brunswick woods
The Province
Oct. 18, 2013: It survived 14 combat missions over Nazis Germany, but can it survive another winter standing unprotected in the New Brunswick wilderness? That's what keeps Troy Kirkby awake at night. He was still eight years away from being born when Lancaster Bomber KB882 rolled to a stop for the final time in 1964 to retire at a small rural airport beside the TransCanada Highway just east of Edmundston. More

7. Royal Canadian Air Force could be next to go retro
Toronto Sun
July 19, 2013: The Royal Canadian Air Force is next in line to go retro on its rank titles, the Defence Minister confirmed. A day after announcing the Army would revert its uniforms, symbols and ranking system back to original British Army and Commonwealth designations, Peter MacKay told reporters the same would next be applied to the Air Force. More

6. As National Defence looks to cut costs, it faces tough decisions on the future of the Canadian Forces
Nov. 18, 2013: An auditor general's report to be released this fall on the federal government's vaunted national shipbuilding plan is expected to blow last year's F-35 stealth fighter controversy out of the water. The Conservative government has held up the $35 billion plan as a glowing success story that will re-energize Canada's Navy and Coast Guard, while simultaneously creating thousands of jobs on both coasts and transforming Canada into a world-class shipbuilding nation. More

5. Pamela Wallin steps down as RCAF Honorary Colonel
Ottawa Citizen
Nov. 8, 2013: Senator Pamela Wallin has stepped down from her role as the Honorary Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force, a job that required her to be a mentor and role model for military personnel at Ottawa headquarters. Then-Defence Minister Peter MacKay appointed Wallin to the position Aug. 1, 2009. Her letter of resignation was received and accepted on by the RCAF commander, Lt.-Gen. Yvan Blondin, the RCAF stated in an email. More

4. Hold on, young man
Eric Mold
Oct. 25, 2013: While I was doing my ground job at Cold Lake, Alberta, I had a wonderful boss for a while. Unfortunately, he was about to retire after many years of service. Somehow, he had been able to arrange one last swing through the Canadian bases in Europe, just a few days before he was finally released from the service. I stepped into the breach and offered to fly him to Ottawa in a T-33 two-seat jet trainer. This was where our adventure began. More

3. Matt Gurney: Symbolic military gestures only mean so much
National Post
July 19, 2013: As a relatively rare Canadian journalist with an active interest in security and defence issues, my editors came to me yesterday asking what I thought about the decision to bring back some traditional ranks, titles and uniform patches to the Canadian Army. The announcement, made by Defence Minister Peter MacKay in Halifax, is part of the Conservative government's continuing efforts to make Canada's military history a much greater part of our national life. More

2. Boeing touts fighter jet to rival F-35 at half the price
CBC News
Mar. 8, 2013: In a dogfight of defence contractors, the hunter can quickly become the hunted. It's happening now to the F-35. The world's largest defence contractor, Lockheed Martin, is trying to convince wavering U.S. allies including Canada to stick with its high-tech, high-priced and unproven F-35 stealth fighter. More

1. Ice fishing tales of a gun plumber
Donald Norrie
Nov. 1, 2013: I was a poor munitions and weapons technician on the strength of CEPE/AAED at RCAF Station Cold Lake. I say "poor" because I had purchased a new mobile home and financed it through the only institution an airman in those days could get credit: the Industrial Acceptance Corporation. The monthly payments turned out to be higher than contracted, and I was in a financial pickle. I could sell the unit or get a part-time job. I chose the latter and became a bartender in the officers' mess at 50 cents an hour. More