RCAF Association News
Feb. 6, 2014

Petition started to stop cuts being made by Harper Government to military cadet program
Ottawa Citizen
Defence Watch readers have sent in a link to a petition on the military cadet issue. Here is what the petition site states: Stephen Harper and Government of Canada: End the cuts to Cadets Canada training and uniforms, and cut the expansive Regional Cadet Bureaucracy instead. Canadian cadets are future leaders in our society. Unfortunately, the Harper Conservative government has failed to properly oversee this critical program.More

Canada yet to decide which fighter jet will replace CF-18
Canada may be edging toward calling a competition to replace its aging CF-18 air force jets amid competing claims and "war" between rival suppliers Boeing and Lockheed Martin, analysts say. Canadian media say the Boeing campaign for Canada choosing its Super Hornet as a replacement for the near obsolete CF-18 has focused on recent U.S. budget troubles as an argument for ditching Lockheed Martin's F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. More

Layoffs at 5 Wing Goose Bay creating unease, uncertainty
CBC News
The loss of 25 jobs at 5 Wing Goose Bay has again left many questioning Ottawa's long-term plans for the base. The employees worked for Serco, the company that provides non-military services for 5 Wing. The layoffs include firefighters, building maintenance workers, two air traffic positions, a weather forecaster, as well as cleaning and administrative staff. More

Canadian air force bending on medical requirements to deal with experienced pilot shortage
National Post
Canada's air force has been bending on minimum medical standards such as vision and hearing requirements as it contends with a critical shortage of experienced pilots. The Royal Canadian Air Force has long struggled to retain enough trained military pilots to fly its fighter jets, search-and-rescue aircraft and helicopters, but a growing "experience gap" is making the situation worse than ever. More

Should Canada opt for refurbished Sea Kings?
Ottawa Citizen
Michael Byers of the University of British Columbia had a recent opinion piece in the National Post, calling on the Harper government to purchase additional EH-101/AW101 helicopters. The former NDP candidate has argued that the government should dump the Sikorsky Cyclone helicopter, which the Conservatives are now committed to buy, and instead opt for more EH-101s. More