RCAF Association News
Jun. 20, 2014

RCAF's newest Search and Rescue Technicians join the ranks after Comox graduation
Ottawa Citizen
The Royal Canadian Air Force's latest Search and Rescue (SAR) course recently parachuted into 19 Wing Comox, marking the end of 11 months of intense training, the RCAF noted in a news release. For Canadian Armed Forces members aspiring to become SAR Technicians, they must first pass a rigorous pre-selection course located in Hinton and Jarvis Lake, AB, before attending the Canadian Forces School of Search and Rescue. More

$100 billion defence spending plan laid out for industry
Huffington Post
The Conservative government is proposing more than $100 billion in defence spending on a series of projects that would see the Department of National Defence get new fighter jets, rescue planes, helicopters, drones, ships, satellites, uniforms and even rifles. The Defence Acquisition Guide is a list of more than 200 separate procurement projects the military hopes to undertake in the next 20 years. More

Air Cadets celebrate 60 years in Portage
Portage Daily Graphic
As young air cadets marched across the hanger saluting Southport commanding officer Lt.-Col. Peter Fedak during their ceremonial review, unknowingly they were also saluting 60 years of military precision and stability that helped turn young people into honorable citizens. Portage la Prairie's 575 Terrier Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron celebrated its 60th anniversary at Southport and the cadet's squadron leader couldn't be happier.More

Voodoo on the move
B.C. Local News
The iconic CF-101 Voodoo fighter-interceptor jet that has greeted visitors to Abbotsford International Airport for years has been relocated to its new resting place at the grand entrance to the terminal. The move took place recently and was challenging. A 200-tonne capacity crane from Eaglewest was used. More

Only the best jet fighter is good enough for RCAF
The StarPhoenix
Choosing a new fighter jet for Canada has been a long and arduous ordeal, which is surprising since the choice is obvious. We have to go with the American F-35. It's the best, a fifth-generation fighter in a field of fourth-generation rivals, and in air combat, the best prevails. Generations of Canadian fighter pilots have learned the value of the best, sometimes the hard way. More

Photos: CF-18 flying with Romanian MiG-21s
Ottawa Citizen
Here are photos courtesy of Combat Camera of the Canadian contingent at Câmpia Turzii, Romania, where the Canadian Air Task Force is participating in NATO reassurance measures. As well, the last photo shows a CF-18 Hornet flying in formation with two Romanian MiG-21 LanceR aircraft. More

French naval ships in Halifax let Canada do some window shopping
The Chronicle Herald
The arrival of two French naval ships in Halifax Harbour for joint exercises gives France a chance to showcase just what their equipment can do. "There's billions at stake here," says Dalhousie University political science professor Ken Hansen, a retired navy commander who has written extensively on Canada's military. More than 400 French sailors, 200 Canadian soldiers and 15 Royal Canadian Air Force members are participating.More

Tories given green light for F-35 jet decision
The Globe and Mail
For the first time in two years, the path is clear for the Conservative government to select Canada's next fighter jet, a choice that could very well mean buying the F-35 Lightning without a competition. A panel of independent monitors recently gave its blessing to a still-confidential Royal Canadian Air Force report that evaluated the risks and benefits of purchasing four different war planes and has been forwarded to the federal cabinet.More

Oversight panel on CF-18 replacement has its say
Ottawa Citizen
In April 2012, in response to a report by the Auditor General of Canada, the Government of Canada announced a Seven-Point Plan in support of its decision on how to move forward with the replacement of the CF-18 fleet. A key element of the Plan was a commitment that "the Department of National Defence would evaluate options to sustain a Canadian Forces fighter capability well into the 21st century." More

Restoration of cold war fighter jet underway in Springbank
CTV News
A group of former Air Force men and retired airplane mechanics are employed in a labour of love at the Springbank Airport, sharing stories while restoring a vintage cold war fighter jet. The plane, a CF-104 Starfighter, was the fastest plane ever employed by the Royal Canadian Air Force and a major work horse during the cold war. Capable of launching nuclear strikes, this specific aircraft was based in Germany and flew reconnaissance missions over Europe between 1962 and 1986.More

70th anniversary of the founding of the RCAF's first three squadrons dedicated to air transport operations
The National Air Force Museum of Canada's Ad Astra stone program has proven very successful both at raising funds for the museum and providing a modest but poignant means of recognizing those who have served, or are serving, with Canada's Air Force. As the program was implemented in 1995, five decades after the end of the Second World War, it is unsurprising that those most deserving of recognition — those who gave their lives during the war... are least represented amongst the over 10,500 stones in the RCAF Memorial Air Park.More

RCAF St-Hubert Reunion
The bi-annual Junior Ranks Reunion is held for those who were stationed at RCAF Station St. Hubert — including but not limited to those who worked with the 401 & 438 Reserve Sqn’s, 104 KU, 426 Sqn, ADCHQ, and all other units. Today St. Hubert has so much less activity that we hold our reunion at RCAF Base Trenton. Our 9th bi-annual reunion will be held in the WOs' & SGTs' Mess at 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario between June 20th – 22nd, 2014.More

75th anniversary of the Harvard in Canada
2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the Harvard in Canada. The Harvard Mark II saw service with the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan from 1939 to 1945. The Harvard Mark IV saw service as an advanced trainer during the 1950s and 60s. The Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association invites anyone who flew, trained with or serviced this magnificent aircraft to join us on the weekend of 20-22 June, 2014 as we celebrate 75 years of the Harvard with “The Gathering of Harvards and Heroes”. We have invited all currently flying Harvard aircraft to join us at the Tillsonburg airport, and we will have presentations, aircraft flying, contests and a banquet on the Saturday night. On Sunday we will attempt to put into the air the largest formation of Harvards since they were in service. More information for accommodations, program of events and participating aircraft can be found at our website and on Facebook. This will be a wonderful opportunity to see, touch and even fly in these historic aircraft. Please join us as we continue the legend. More