RCAF Association News
Oct. 2, 2014

Here are the details on the RCAF's new uniforms and ranks
Ottawa Citizen
Here are the details on the RCAF's new uniforms and ranks as outlined in the air force's news release: The Royal Canadian Air Force's (RCAF) new uniform respects the contributions and sacrifices of airmen and airwomen who served — and continue to serve — with pride and professionalism. Main aspects of the new uniform are drawn from pre-unification rank insignia maintaining the modern elements and terminology familiar to serving members. The insignia for most ranks will be recognizable as the symbols that air force personnel have worn for nearly half a century.More

Daring pilots of Cold War era gather for Victoria reunion
The Vancouver Sun
Sixty years ago, daring young NATO pilots were protecting the skies over Cold War Europe from the Soviet menace. "We were a formidable force," said Syd Burrows, 84, of Comox. "The Russians were threatening all the time — like they are today." Burrows helped bring more than 400 former Royal Canadian Air Force jet fighter pilots and their family members to Victoria for a reunion. The Canadian pilots were the protective forces for the West German populace, he recalled. More

Hamilton's Lancaster back in the air
Hamilton Spectator
Hamilton's Lancaster successfully took a test flight in northeast England recently, to try out an engine on loan from the Royal Air Force. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum said on social media that the plane "has safely returned to RAF Coningsby." The test flight comes after a mechanical crew conducted a ground test. The Lancaster's fourth engine malfunctioned recently, forcing a smoky emergency landing at Durham Tees Valley Airport. The plane is on a tour of air shows in the United Kingdom. More

Veterans should transcend party politics
The Globe and Mail
Traditionally, Canada's veterans have enjoyed outstanding moral support from a grateful public, in recognition of the nation's solemn obligation to care for those who have served and suffered in harm's way. But the veterans landscape is changing. With a steady decline in the huge numbers who served in the Second World War, today's veteran community is characterized by a new set of men and women whose military experience stems from the Korean conflict, the Cold War, peacekeeping missions, upheaval in the former Yugoslavia, the first Persian Gulf war and Afghanistan.More

Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian bombers in Arctic
Fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers flying about 75 kilometres off Canada's Arctic coast recently, NORAD revealed to CBC News. Two CF-18s met the Tupolev Tu-95 long-range bombers, commonly referred to as "Bears," as they flew a course in "the western reaches" of Canada's Air Defence Identification Zone over the Beaufort Sea, said Maj. Beth Smith, spokeswoman for North American Aerospace Defence Command. More