RCAF Association News
Dec. 27, 2013

20. Hold on, young man
Eric Mold
Oct. 29, 2013: While I was doing my ground job at Cold Lake, Alberta, I had a wonderful boss for a while. Unfortunately, he was about to retire after many years of service. Somehow, he had been able to arrange one last swing through the Canadian bases in Europe, just a few days before he was finally released from the service.More

19. Competition heats up as Ottawa reviews options to procure costly F-35 fighter jets
The Hill Times
Sept. 13, 2013: The Boeing aerospace company has provided the Canadian government with cost and capability data for an advanced version of its F-18 Super Hornet fighter jet which Boeing suggests would cost $1.7 billion less for a fleet of 65 jets than the Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter project that the federal government has temporarily put on hold. More

18. Search-and-rescue plane soars over city
Oshawa Express
Oct. 4, 2013: Oshawa, ON, recently had its skies darkened by a Canadian Armed Forces search-and-rescue plane conducting a training exercise. It was hard to miss the enormous aircraft as it soared over the city before landing at Oshawa Municipal Airport. Nearly 20 residents flocked to the airport to gawk at the aircraft when it landed. People stood at the security fence near the runway to watch the plane set down and take off again. More

17. What's the future for Canada's military procurement?
CBC News
July 26, 2013: Two years after it first appointed a minister to solve the problem of an often-messy system of military procurement, the Conservative government blanked the post during the cabinet shuffle, believing it's now close to a permanent solution to one of its most vexing problems. With tens of billions of dollars worth of military procurement projects either underway or being contemplated, CBC News has learned the government has now settled on two possible outcomes, but neither, at this point, apparently require the service of an associate minister of national defence. More

16. Sea King choppers could retire sooner under U.S. aircraft-maker's proposal
CTV News
Aug. 2, 2013: The Harper government has been asked to accept the air force's long-delayed CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopters as they are currently configured and gradually phase them into service using regular software upgrades intended to make the aircraft fully operational. The proposal is being floated publicly by Sikorsky aircraft in the wake of a federal cabinet shuffle that has left both National Defence and Public Works with seasoned but not yet fully acclimatized ministers. More

15. Embattled defense giant Lockheed Martin swoops into Vancouver with F-35 sales pitch
Metro News
April 19, 2013: Defence industry magnates descended on Vancouver to make a sales pitch for why Canadians should spend $45.8 billion over 42 years on a high-tech, untested fleet of stealth F-35 fighter jets. Armed with slick demo videos, a cockpit simulator and enthusiastic Canadian chief test pilot Billie Flynn, Lockheed Martin's director of business development David Scott stressed that prices are plummeting as the scale of production revs up. More

14. Unique piece of Canadian aviation history unveiled at Alberta Aviation Museum
Global Toronto
Aug. 23, 2013: A unique and important part of Canada's aviation history has been unveiled at the Alberta Aviation Museum. The F-104 Starfighter known as the fastest fighter the Royal Canadian Air Force ever had- was unveiled to an adoring crowd at the museum. More

13. Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Canadian Armed Forces Day
Prime Minister of Canada
June 7, 2013: Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement to mark Canadian Armed Forces Day: "Today, let us pay tribute to those brave men and women of Canada's Armed Forces who put their lives on the line every day both at home and around the world to defend our sovereignty and the freedom our citizens enjoy today." More

12. Probe: Air force knew to vary search times
Chronicle Herald
June 14, 2013: The Canadian air force was told well over a year before being rapped on the knuckles by the auditor general that varying its hours of search-and-rescue operations would mean significantly improved response times for people in distress. The Defence Research and Development Canada analysis, obtained by The Canadian Press, examined in detail the impact of the way rescue squadrons do business throughout the country. More

11. Second F-35 for the Netherlands rolls out
Marietta Patch
Mar. 15, 2013: The second Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II for the Netherlands rolled out of the F-35 production facility. The Netherlands is planning to use this conventional takeoff and landing jet, known as AN-2, for training and operational tests for pilots and maintainers. More