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Aug. 18, 2015

Only 4 days left to update your InSite profile for our 5th Annual Buyer's Guide!
Our 5th Annual Buyer's Guide will be featured in the October/November Facilitator magazine and every Vendor Allied Member company will receive a FREE listing which will include:

This information will be pulled from your Primary Vendor member's InSite profile. Remember the Vendor categories HAVE changed so you must update them.
You must update all of your information by THIS FRIDAY, Aug. 21!

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RFMA 2016 registration is now OPEN! Take advantage of our $100 early bird rate for Restaurant Members now
We are excited to announce that our RFMA 2016 conference website is live and registration for RFMA 2016 is now open.

RFMA Restaurant Members: Register early for a chance to stay at the Gaylord Opryland for FREE!
Make sure to take advantage of our $100 early bird registration rate PLUS if you register by Oct. 1 you will be entered to win a FREE 3-night stay at the Gaylord Opryland during RFMA 2016.

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Thanks for joining us in Downtown Denver on Thursday!
Thanks to all of our RFMA members that attended our Member Meet-Up at Wynkoop Brewing Company this past Thursday! We had a great time of beer tasting and networking. (Pictured: Robbye Deffebach - Retail Security Services, Carolyn Roberts - Chipotle and Josh Rains, CRFP - Qdoba)

Join us at our next Member Meet-Up in New Jersey on Oct. 20
Join fellow RFMA members for a presentation on Disaster Management by John Kiliany, CRFP-Facilities Manager with Red Lobster Philadelphia Division

When: Tuesday, Oct. 20 from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Where: Eno Terra in Kingston, NJ

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How 1 restaurant creates zero environmental waste
Fast Casual
Fast casual pizza concept Crushed Red, a Missouri-based restaurant, prides itself on creating zero waste. The Green Dining Alliance has recognized the brand for exceeding "industry norms for sustainable restaurant management and operations." For example, the restaurants' light fixtures feature energy-efficient light bulbs inside recycled mason jars and is 100-percent sustainable, in part due to the fact that the company refuses to use plastic ware or paper plates.More

How operators are coping with higher costs
Restaurant Hospitality
There's no denying that the costs of running a restaurant are going up. Minimum wage hikes, increases in rent, commodity inflation and a challenging regulatory environment are pressures most restaurant operators face, but perhaps none as severely as those in San Francisco, one of the most expensive markets in which to run a restaurant. At a conference hosted by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association recently, restaurant operators shared their tips for dealing with escalating costs. More

Combined heat and power: Taking energy efficiency to the next level
Energy Manager Today
Minimizing energy costs, ensuring a reliable energy supply and reducing the impact of energy use on the environment are all important considerations for companies and organizations today. For over a century, organizations across the globe have used combined heat and power, also known as cogeneration, as a strategy to provide reliable electricity, steam, hot water and cooling with lower cost and emissions than grid-supplied electricity and an on-site boiler.More

Restaurants see big opportunity in small kiosks
Nation's Restaurant News
When David Ragosa and his business partners brought Kono Pizza, an Italian pizza cone concept, to the U.S. more than a year ago, they did what everyone else did and launched a brick-and-mortar location. But they quickly realized that it might be best to go small. Traditional locations are expensive, and pizza cones are the ultimate food to eat on the go. So they launched a kiosk. "Brick and mortar can be challenging," Ragosa said. More

Are your HVAC controls helping or hurting?
Sophisticated controls can be a great way to boost the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, but if they're not installed properly or used correctly, you may end up wasting energy without realizing it. Issues with building controls are frequently the result of human error, explains Kevin Callahan, product owner for Alerton, a Honeywell business that specializes in building automation systems. More

How can you encourage resilience in your building?
Facility Dude
You know that having a facility that's resilient as well as efficient is key for maintaining operational effectiveness and keeping costs down. But what exactly does a resilient building look like, and how can you ensure that you're doing everything you can to encourage that sort of operation? Building resilience is a broad property, and it's influenced by nearly every element of your facility's operation. Here are a few ways that you can direct your building maintenance efforts to increase your facility's resilience and, in the process, reduce your operating costs.More

Report: The evolving use of work order management systems
By Bruce Condit
Work order management systems continue to evolve rapidly in the world of facility maintenance. Today, these high-tech, integrated tools can access and provide data from multiple platforms and provide both retailers and vendors the information needed to make better, faster decisions that cut costs and improve efficiencies. Recently, the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association surveyed the retail industry to better understand the state of FM work order management practices. More

Nontraditional footprint expansion: 7 points for success
Pizza Marketplace
Whether franchised or corporate owned, the ability to sustain and grow is a prime element of success for any restaurant. However, knowing how that will happen your brand can be difficult. Considering ways to expand that are off the beaten path can prove to be a positive move that lands a new audience and teaches you how overcome unique challenges and build a more successful future.More