RVDA NewsBrief
Mar. 19, 2014

RV dealers anticipate strong selling season, says GE Capital
The Wall Street Journal
RV dealers are increasing their inventory levels this year in anticipation of a strong selling season, according to GE Capital’s Commercial Distribution Finance business, a leading provider of financing to the industry. That comes on the heels of a very positive 2013, when total wholesale shipments exceeded that of the prior year by more than 12 percent. “Dealers are increasing their orders over last year’s levels, indicating continued confidence when it comes to consumer demand,” says Tim Hyland, president of CDF’s RV group. “Despite the distractions of politics, weather and healthcare in 2013, the RV industry surged ahead. We expect growth to continue through the spring and summer of 2014, even though some of these headwinds remain.”More

Free webinar: Weeding out bad seeds, or, marijuana laws versus employment laws
The Mike Molino RV Learning Center
At least 20 states have legalized marijuana use for medical or recreational purposes. This free webinar will discuss whether changing laws will send your workplace policies up in smoke. Other hot HR topics will include the fate of unpaid internships. Once regarded as opportunities to gain valuable work experience, they’re now fraught with legal implications. This webinar will take place tomorrow, March 20, at 12 p.m. Eastern time and is sponsored by the Learning Center and RVDA associate KPA.More

RV company hosting hiring fair in Goshen, IN to fill 300 jobs
Goshen News
In another sign of the industry’s recovery, a Goshen, IN-area RV manufacturer is hosting a job fair to fill 300 jobs. According to WorkOne of Northern Indiana, the state agency coordinating the event, the company’s name will be revealed at the event.More

Tour one of America's most iconic brands — Winnebago
PR Newswire via Reuters
Every year, thousands of visitors tour Winnebago’s massive facility, which includes a building called Big Bertha that’s equivalent in size to eight football fields. The free tours include a 20-minute video on the manufacturing process, a bus ride around the grounds, walk-in tours of the production buildings, and a museum that displays some of the company’s first units.More

New model RVs make debut at Tacoma, WA Show
The News Tribune
This year’s show will include some of the newest models for 2014 among the more than 250 brands from 17 local dealers. Some of the models making their debut at the show are the Forest River R-Pod 179 travel trailer and Tiffin Motorhomes’ Phaeton, a diesel-pusher with four slides, central vacuum system, outside storage compartments with slide trays, power awning, and flat-panel outside TV.More

RV dealership prefers to think small
Albuquerque Journal
RVs don’t have to be huge, say the owners of a company that specializes in the smaller end of the RV spectrum. Vantastic Vans, an RVDA member, has found a niche providing “mini-RVs” that offer amenities similar to those in larger units but in a smaller overall package. “These have everything that a 40-foot motorhome has, but they’re easier to drive and park,” says owner Steve Dunphy.More

Winnebago launches RV lifestyle website
The Globe Gazette
Winnebago Industries has launched what it says is the RV industry's first lifestyle website. The site, www.winnebagolife.com, nicknamed goLife, will have features about owners' experiences, in-depth articles about the company's latest vehicles, a product showcase for apps and travel accessories, stories and pictures from owners, and a look at new industry trends.More

Teaching children the importance of travel
By Tim Shephard
Today’s kids seem to be overly interested in movies, video games and animations devoid of real-life experiences. My wife and I have tried to change that by taking our children on road trips in our Airstream to Yellowstone, Yosemite, Daytona Beach and more. Having real-life adventures, not just those on a screen, is an important part of life. Going places you've never been and meeting new people along the way is an enriching experience that can't be replaced by an app on a smartphone.More

Odyssey in a classic Airstream
Today’s Airstreams are like miniature luxury apartments, and top-of-the-range models can be beyond the reach of casual travelers who want a road trip in their own piece of Americana. Enter Airstream 2 Go, a new business that will rent you one, complete with a tow vehicle. The author and his family took one on an extended weekend trip up the California coast and were enchanted.More

Start your engines
Los Angeles Times
Once upon a time, certified pre-owned plans, or CPOs, were the exclusive realm of luxury cars. But the concept was so popular that it spread to other products, including RVs. Route 66 RV dealers offer CPO units that have passed a 60-point pre-delivery inspection and carry a 66-day limited warranty and special rates at 150-plus Route 66 dealers. More

4 proven tricks to get Facebook likes on your business posts
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Getting likes on your business's Facebook posts may seem like throwing spaghetti against the wall – some of it sticks and performs really well, while some of it just flops. As far as why, well, it’s been a mystery. But thanks to a recent study, part of the mystery has been cracked. Use these four scientifically supported tips to get more likes, comments and impressions on your Facebook posts.More

Infographic: Small business survey reveals social media trends
Business 2 Community
How does your small business compare with others when it comes to using social media? This survey of 500 companies shows which social media sites are the most popular, how much time and money other small businesses are devoting to social media, how many small businesses have blogs, and more.More

How Thor Industries motors ahead of the competition
The Motley Fool
Owning more than a third of your market is an outstanding achievement, and Thor Industries had 34.4 percent of the market as of last November. The company’s excellent performance isn't just a recent thing, though, says this analyst—it’s been profitable every year since it began operations in 1980, even during the Great Recession. More

Become a rock star manager
Mike Molino RV Learning Center
Young RV executives are invited to a free, live, online management training event on how to motivate employees. “Kicks, Keeps & Karats” will be presented March 18 at noon ET by leadership development coach Pete Smith. This interactive conversation will allow participants to ask questions, make comments, and ask to be put onto the screen via their webcams.More

The best leaders ask for feedback
Leaders who consistently ask their employees for feedback are substantially more effective than leaders who don’t, according to a study that showed a clear correlation between leadership ability and willingness to ask for feedback. Here are techniques for getting staffers to open up.More