RVDA NewsBrief
Oct. 12, 2011

Bert Alanko of MBA Insurance receives RVDA's James B. Summers Award
Bert Alanko of MBA Insurance received the James B. Summers (JBS) Award during the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo this month. Alanko was honored for his longtime commitment and wide-ranging involvement in RVDA — the National RV Dealers Association and RVRA — the RV Rental Association.More

Andy Heck of Alpin Haus is RVDA's new chairman of the board
Andy Heck, who became RVDA's chairman of the board during the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, spent much of his childhood helping at the family business founded by his grandfather. But his initial goal was to become a partner at a Big Eight accounting firm. In a special interview with RV Executive Today, Heck discusses how he made his way back to the dealership—and how he juggles business, family and triathlons.More

RVDA Chairman's Service Awards announced
2010-2011 RVDA Chairman of the Board Tim O'Brien presented Chairman's Service Awards to four dealers and three associate members during RVDA's annual meeting at the 2011 RV Dealers International Convention/Expo. More

Detailed handouts available for sessions from the RV Dealers International Convention/Expo
RVDA has posted handouts and presentation slides from several Convention/Expo speakers, including Garrison Wynn, financial experts from GE Capital, the Go RVing workshop and the fuel price panel.More

Five road-tested tips from an RV rookie
Fox News
The author had spent a lifetime dreaming about setting off with friends in an RV for parts unknown, envisioning the experience as a kind of Lewis and Clark with a V-8 engine sojourn. But first there were some important lessons about leveling, generators, and emptying holding tanks.More

Retirees in RVs find home base at Florida naval air station
Pensacola News Journal
On a quiet corner of Pensacola Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL, one of the base's most popular retiree perks—the RV park—is readying itself for the annual snowbird migration. The park sees a surge of visitors each winter as retirees venture south to escape the frigid winter. The Pensacola park is one of more than 200 military RV parks and campgrounds scattered across the country at military bases from Key West to Seattle.More

The small business mobile revolution arrives
Business Insider
Your customers are going mobile. How about you? The technology is there for your business. It's time to learn more about how to use it. What’s next on the mobile small business frontier?More