RVDA NewsBrief
Dec. 22, 2010

Free registration opens for RVDA's first Virtual Expo
Dealers and their employees can now register free of charge for RVDA's first Virtual Expo, scheduled for March 14-17, 2011 and on demand through April 15, 2011. This virtual event will allow you to form profitable partnerships with some of the leading companies in the RV industry without time away from home or the dealership. You can also access information on educational resources available through the RV Learning Center. More

Winnebago Industries reports results for first quarter Fiscal 2011
Winnebago Industries Inc. recently reported continued improvement in financial results during the company's first quarter of fiscal year 2011. Revenues for the first quarter of fiscal 2011 were $123.7 million, an increase of 52.7 percent, versus $81 million for the first quarter of fiscal 2010.More

Winter Texans keep coming back
Victoria Advocate (Victoria, TX)
When the temperature begins to dip and the sharp cold air of winter fills their nostrils, Tom and Ida Canada know the time has come for their annual migration. They pack up their motorhome and flee the impending chill in Jackson, MI, heading toward the sunny warmth of Texas. Tom and Ida Canada are what are known as "Winter Texans." According to the Texas Association of Camping Owners, the average Winter Texan spends $55 a day. Winter Texans spend an average of five months out of the year in the state.More

As the RV industry rebounds, Americans take to the road
PR Urgent
The past two years have seen the recreational vehicle industry in its worst shape since 1991. Recent figures suggest that the RV industry is on the rebound at last and Americans are preparing once again to take to the road for those highly anticipated extended travel trips. Bob Mottram, the author of 'In Search Of America's Heartbeat', is relieved to see this happen now. “There is significant pent-up demand for entry into the RV lifestyle,” Mottram says.More

Trailer park lets visitors sleep over in the 1950s
BC Local News
When its copper mine shut down in 1974, much of Bisbee, AZ’s population left and property prices plummeted. Over the following decades the small town gradually re-invented itself as an artists’ colony and tourist destination, repopulated by immigrants from all over the United States. Among them were antiques-and-collectibles dealers Ed Smith and Rita Personett, who had been acquiring unwanted 1950s travel trailers. More

RV Technician magazine keeps technicians up-to-date
RV Technician is your source for detailed, in-depth articles geared for the professional RV repairer. It’s written and vetted by master technicians and covers every aspect of RVs, from electrical systems to plumbing. In addition to training articles, each issue includes new products and product updates, recalls, safety issues, and advice from industry experts. A subscription consists of six online issues per year, plus unlimited access to previous issues, a special subscribers-only Web site, printable PDF versions, and an online FlipBook version. The next issue, coming in January, will feature towing tips and electrical problem-solving. Click here to subscribe now.More

A new take on the RV lifestyle
The Daily Gleaner (Brunswick, Canada)
The author of this article has spent the past few weeks traveling throughout the eastern and southeastern United States experiencing the RV lifestyle. Since starting her trip, it has occurred to her that the RV lifestyle is a very sustainable, economical, and eco-friendly way to enjoy one's retirement years. She believes the lifestyle isn't necessarily all about the journey, but instead more about the destination.More

The top six innovation ideas of 2011
Harvard Business Review
These six ideas emerged in 2010 as powerful "innovation invitations" and seem sure to intensify in power and influence. They'll increasingly be a source of, and resource for, innovation differentiation in 2011, if not for your organization, then for the business you most dread competing against. More