Texas Sheriffs Today
Jan. 17, 2014

Bexar County sheriff cites improvement in community address
Texas Public Radio
Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau, the county's first female sheriff, gave her first State-of-the-Jail report recently. Pamerleau addressed local elected officials and business leaders, listing her accomplishments so far and outlining plans for the future.More

Grants help Texas police stay up to date
KETK-TV via PoliceOne
As technology changes, police need the latest equipment to keep up. In East Texas, grants are making it possible for police to stay up to speed with the latest innovations. Technology is ever changing. Local police departments depend heavily on the latest technology innovations to make their jobs possible.More

Man arrested in Texas State bomb scare
Police arrested Clayton Warren, 24, on three charges in connection to a recent bomb scare and dorm evacuation at Texas State University, according to university spokesman Jayme Blaschke. Two of those charges are related to a bomb hoax, and the third is a charge of evading arrest.More

Dallas police plans changes to use-of-force policy
Change is coming within the Dallas Police Department. Police Chief David O. Brown is prepared to roll out significant changes as early as April of this year. Brown says he wants to get back to the philosophy of only using force when absolutely necessary and as a last resort. Some who wear the uniform say that may be easier said than done.More

Emerging from the dust storm
By Rod Brown
Local governments are caught in a swirling dust storm that causes waste of precious tax dollars. Governing units do have legitimate purpose; most have just lost sight of what it is. Elected policymakers annually try to divide a pot of limited revenue dollars among the competing demands of different departments within their organization. Interest groups, private citizens, businesses, coalitions and department heads passionately argued their causes while trying to increase their share of the budget. The universal problem, however, is the revenue pot is never large enough to completely satisfy the demand or perceived need.More

Law enforcement trends to follow in 2014
Every chief, sheriff and departmental purchasing agent will start off 2014 with their eyes on some old issues and new trends to follow this year. New trends to follow next year will vary from the smaller department to the larger and add urban and rural filters to it. What are some of the trends or issues to follow? Well, here are a few.More

How police may win with GPS tagging technology
EfficientGov via PoliceOne
StarChase recently released a GPS launcher that enables law enforcement agencies to shoot a tracking device onto a suspect's car to keep tabs on the vehicle. The GPS technology will relay the location of the suspected criminal's car to a computer system, allowing law enforcement officers to follow the individual electronically rather than engage in dangerous, high-speed chases.More

Nation's top cops call for limits on surveillance tools
The Crime Report
Can police strike a proper balance between the use of new technologies and the privacy rights of citizens? The International Association of Chiefs of Police believes the balance can be achieved if law enforcement authorities follow "universal principles" of transparency and accountability. More

Trusting the crosswalk button in your department
By Capt. Jeffrey Williams
Why is so much apparent anger directed toward the crosswalk button? The button will work by just pushing it once, but after repeated battering, it eventually will not work and will need to be repaired or replaced. Why don't pedestrians trust the crosswalk button?More

Cigarette trafficking: A big problem in a small package
By Liz Murphy
The circumvention of a state's cigarette excise tax may not seem like a criminal enterprise worthy of serious attention from law enforcement. But Corporal Detective Johnny Capocelli of Virginia's Chesterfield County Police Department strongly disagrees. "This isn't a tax issue. This is about the criminal activities associated with cigarette trafficking," Capocelli says.More

Argyle police earn honor
Denton Record Chronicle
The Argyle Police Department recently became the fourth agency in Denton County to receive “recognized” status from the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition Program.More

States consider standing together against federal gun-control laws
The Associated Press via The Tennessean
Previous efforts to derail federal gun control laws in the state of Missouri failed, amid protests from conservative lawmakers and citizens. Now, these lawmakers are reaching out to states who feel the same way about gun control to stand against federal law.More

Resolving workplace conflict
Law Enforcement Today
Workplace conflict is one of the most challenging and stressful experiences for law enforcement officers to handle. What do you do when the stress, confrontation and conflict are not coming from the streets you patrol but from one of your own trusted co-workers, supervisors or managers?More

On the Internet, gangs find a new home
The Associated Press via PoliceOne
As social media gains more traction as normal part of our everyday lives, law enforcement and gangs alike are learning to navigate this new digital world to their own advantage. And both opposing elements are succeeding.More