Texas Sheriffs Today
Jan. 31, 2014

Falls County Sheriff's Office wins employer award
The Marlin Democrat
Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas recognized the Falls County Sheriff's Office with the 2014 Falls County Employer of Excellence Award at its Annual Awards of Excellence banquet held on Jan. 16. The Annual Awards of Excellence event honors members of the Heart of Texas region who add value to their communities and have both contributed to and benefited from the services provided by the Workforce Solutions Centers, the Workforce Development Board and partners throughout the region. More

Harris County sheriff K-9 defends deputy after highway crash
"When the dog saw his partner in the condition he was in, he became highly protective of his partner," said Capt. Darryl Coleman. Deputy Jason Denham remained in critical condition following surgery for trauma to the left side of his bodyMore

East Texas law enforcement attend conference on sex trafficking
Human trafficking has claimed victims worldwide and East Texas is no exception. Investigators from Washington D.C. were in Longview recently, educating police on techniques to fight human trafficking — which most often leads to forced prostitution. More

Texas officer gives homeless man a helping hand
Odessa American via PoliceOne
He may have not known it when he did it, but Odessa Police Cpl. Jeremy Walsh's gesture of kindness has brought him unwanted attention — in a good way. While Walsh denies his act was something special — adding he tries to help as many people as he can — Odessa police spokesman Cpl. Steve LeSueur said the photo was good way to show the other things that police officers do. More

The growing epidemic of gangs and guns in the United States
By Liz Murphy
Gang violence is a growing challenge for law enforcement agencies and lawmakers across the country. At the recent United States Conference of Mayors in Washington, D.C., mayors from across the country participated in a session to discuss this issue. Ashley Swearengin, the mayor of Fresno, Calif., acted as the chair of the session and offered her thoughts on Fresno's ongoing battle against gang violence. But this problem isn't limited to Fresno. In fact, the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment published by the FBI's National Gang Intelligence Center shows how gangs significantly impact crime rates in communities.More

Law enforcement and social media in 2013
BlueLine Connect via SlideShare
If there was any remaining doubt about the importance of law enforcement agencies being on social media, 2013 proved the critical nature of being active on key platforms like Twitter and Facebook.More

Changing our culture to keep officers safer
Officer Travis Yates says: Whether our profession made the conscious decision to change or we've bent to the pressures of what society expects, the culture of law enforcement is ever-changing. By eliminating unsafe practices, we're constantly changing for the better.More

Trusting the crosswalk button in your department
By Capt. Jeffrey Williams
Why is so much apparent anger directed toward the crosswalk button? The button will work by just pushing it once, but after repeated battering, it eventually will not work and will need to be repaired or replaced. Why don't pedestrians trust the crosswalk button?More

Cigarette trafficking: A big problem in a small package
By Liz Murphy
The circumvention of a state's cigarette excise tax may not seem like a criminal enterprise worthy of serious attention from law enforcement. But Corporal Detective Johnny Capocelli of Virginia's Chesterfield County Police Department strongly disagrees. "This isn't a tax issue. This is about the criminal activities associated with cigarette trafficking," Capocelli says.More

Argyle police earn honor
Denton Record Chronicle
The Argyle Police Department recently became the fourth agency in Denton County to receive “recognized” status from the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition Program.More

12 tips from homicide detectives
POLICE Magazine
Amaury Murgado says: I have been fortunate enough to work with some highly recognized homicide detectives throughout my career. They are well known for their expertise in and around our judicial circuit. I asked some of them to mine their experiences for a series of crossover tips that could help detectives and patrol officers alike. The following bits of wisdom apply to all investigations, regardless of the nature of the crime or who is investigating.More

Facial recognition technology explored by Iowa law enforcement agencies
The Associated Press via Iowa City Press Citizen
At the Iowa Department of Public Safety, a high-ranking administrator has confirmed the state government body is researching how facial recognition technology might be leveraged by law enforcement agencies to combat crime.More

NIJ's role in predictive policing
National Institute of Justice
Today more than ever, law enforcement work is also proactive. In proactive policing, law enforcement uses data and analyzes patterns to understand the nature of a problem. The National Institute of Justice has convened two symposiums where researchers, practitioners and law enforcement leaders discussed predictive policing and its impact on crime and justice. More