Texas Sheriffs Today
Mar. 8, 2013

Washington County deputy rescues man from burning house
A Washington County Sheriff's deputy heroically ran into a burning house to save an elderly man who was inside. The rescue was captured by the deputy's patrol vehicle dash camera. Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Art Senteno was one of the first people to arrive at the home on Tigerpoint Road in Washington County, which is owned by a retired couple in their 70s. "I touched the door and it was hot. I went ahead and pushed it open and smoke came out. I yelled for someone and I heard a very faint voice from the back of the house. ... So I ran in," Senteno said.More

East Texas officers' training focuses on less-lethal weapons
Longview News-Journal
A law enforcement training exercise ended with officers putting together a puzzle inside a cloud of noxious gas. Twenty law enforcement agents from surrounding states, including Rusk County sheriff's deputies and Henderson police officers, took part in the less-lethal weapons training, which organizers said is vital to officer and community safety. "Ninety-nine percent of what we do is train for that 1 percent when we have to employ it, and that's the 1 percent we hope never happens," said Sgt. David Roberts of the Rusk County Sheriff's Office. Demonstrations included chemical weapons such as CS gas — or tear gas — handball grenades and colored smoke.More

Officers say 911 calls from passing motorists help police find drunken drivers
Emergency dispatchers hear the voices every day — real 911 calls from drivers who reported close calls with suspected drunken drivers. During many of the recordings, callers have to be transferred from one jurisdiction to another as the suspect zips across city lines. Callers may think no one's responding, but police departments say they're wrong. "In our department, there are actually five officers in the DWI unit. But there are literally thousands of cars passing through the city at any given minute, so we can't be in every portion of the city to intercept those drivers, so we rely on citizens to call 911," said Officer Steve Burres, who heads the city of Irving's DWI unit. More

Buncombe, NC, sheriff's propane autogas fleet 'saves county taxpayers thousands'
Mountain Xpress
The Buncombe County, N.C., Sheriff's Office recently converted 10 Ford Crown Victorias to propane autogas under the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program. The law enforcement fleet expects to displace 20 tons of greenhouse gas emissions each year and save more than $13,000 annually on fuel cost savings running on clean, affordable autogas.More

Police cameras studies look at long-term effects on crime
The Post-Standard
Few studies have looked at the long-term impact of police security cameras in reducing crime. The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in New York City, knew of no authoritative studies on police cameras. The Police Executive Research Fund, in Washington, D.C., couldn't point to any research either, though they did share testimonies from police chiefs touting the technology. The biggest problem may be the systems are too new: Experts say the lasting effects of cameras may not be known until several years' worth of data can be analyzed. The few published studies point to varying levels of success.More

Crime tech quickening forensics analysis
Yale Daily News
As new developments in forensic science lead to easily portable police technologies, law enforcement agencies nationwide will be able to immediately attain lab testing results and speed up criminal investigations, according to forensic scientist Peter Massey. "The goal is to bring the laboratory out to the crime scene," Massey said. "This is where the future of forensic science is going."More

Monroe County, NY, Sheriff's Office embracing social media
Your News Now
The deadline to apply to become a deputy jailor in the Monroe County, N.Y., Sheriff's Office is posted. You can find out information about that on the department's new Facebook page. You also can find out about the sheriff's public appearances and more about recent crimes and arrests. The Facebook page, along with a new department Twitter account, recently went online as the Monroe County Sheriff's Office recently joined the legions of other police agencies across the country using social media to connect to the community.More

Texas House debates 'Chris Kyle Bill' to fast-track police jobs for ex-military
The widow of a decorated Navy SEAL went to Austin to hear the first public testimony about a proposal to change a Texas law that would allow military veterans who prove their skills to skip out on certain parts of the police academy, streamlining access to employment.More

Dallas FBI office creates new crisis response team
Investigators from law enforcement agencies across Texas swarmed into Kaufman when they got the call: County prosecutor Mark Hasse had been killed as he was walking to the courthouse. It was the first assignment for the Dallas Critical Incident Response Team, or DCIRT, a new part of the FBI.More

Texas tightens rules on shooting from helicopters
The Associated Press via ABC News
Nearly four months after a Texas state trooper in a helicopter fired on a pickup truck speeding along the U.S.-Mexico border, killing two Guatemalan immigrants, state officials said that troopers are forbidden from aerial shooting unless they're under fire.More

Baldwin Park, Calif., judge slows efforts to dissolve police force, switch to sheriff
San Gabriel Tribune
The city's police officers won a temporary restraining order that forces city officials to slow down their efforts to dissolve the police department and switch service to the sheriff's department. Judge Luis Lavin said Baldwin Park, Calif., city officials may need to meet with the police union before they force police officers start taking evaluations with the sheriff's department. "It is undisputed that [the city] have a duty to meet and confer over matters," Lavin wrote. The judge asked both parties to come back before him on March 26 to consider whether he will offer an injunction to force the city to sit down and talk with the police union.More

San Diego Sheriff's Department launching sex offender email alert system
The San Diego Sheriff's Department has unveiled a new email alert system that helps residents know whether registered sex offenders are moving into their neighborhood. The Megan's Law website allows residents to look up a registered sex offender's address.More