Texas Sheriffs Today
Mar. 20, 2015

South Texas deputies investigating suspected murder-suicide
The Associated Press via KRIS-TV
The Bexar County Sheriff's Office is investigating an apparent murder-suicide and the stabbing of a teenager. A sheriff's office spokesman says it received a family disturbance call on Wednesday night in northeast Bexar County. He says deputies discovered two people, believed to be husband and wife, dead with gunshot wounds.More

Harris County deputy injured in early-morning crash
A Harris County sheriff's deputy was injured in a crash early Thursday morning while en route to assist in the search for a suspect who led other officers on a chase. The deputy and his K-9 partner were headed to the chase area to help in the search for the suspect, who abandoned the stolen car he was driving and ran. The deputy's car veered across a grassy area and slammed into a power pole after he swerved to avoid another vehicle, whose driver had pulled out from a side street.More

Comal County sheriff's deputies clearing warrants during Great Texas Warrant Roundup
The Comal County Sheriff's Office was one of dozens of law enforcement agencies trying to clear warrants off their books over the weekend. More than 300 law enforcement agencies participated in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Now an annual event, media outlets all along the I-35 corridor publicize the event days before it begins. So it should have come as no surprise on Saturday, when Comal County sheriff's Deputies went knocking on doors throughout the county, looking for people who, for a variety of reasons, were indebted to the county in either money or their presence. More

Border sheriff fights back after news outlet publishes time sheet
tampering story

A Harlingen television station recently attacked Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra with an article headlined, "Auditor: Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office blocked time sheet tampering investigation." Now Guerra is fighting back, and the information he provided indicates that KGBT-TV omitted vital information in their presentation to their viewers or readers.More

Smith County Sheriff's Office releases more information in
Sky Ranch incident

The Smith County Sheriff's Office has released more information in a reported incident at Sky Ranch in Van regarding inappropriate touching case reported at church children's retreat. Green Acres Baptist Church took a children's group for a spring break retreat to Sky Ranch, and during one of the first nights on the retreat, sometime around midnight, an unidentified man was said to have walked into a girls' cabin, climbed in bed with a 9-year-old camper and begin to touch her inappropriately.More

3 key considerations for creating your agency's retention policy
One of the biggest factors agencies must address when adopting a body worn camera program is creating a retention policy. It's crucial that your retention policy factors in all possibilities so that your officers are protected, your community's privacy concerns are respected, legitimate requests are met and laws are properly followed. In a body camera report compiled by PERF in partnership with COPS, a multitude of recommendations on policy were made by law enforcement professionals.More

Law enforcement and race: Continuing the education
The sometimes-uneasy relationship between members of law enforcement and the diverse communities they serve can be a difficult topic to discuss, but FBI Director James B. Comey recently encouraged the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives to continue that conversation — and he again called for better reporting of incidents where force is used by police and against them.More

Treating office politics like traffic stops
By Catherine Iste
You may have pursued your career in law enforcement to avoid the boredom and confines of an office environment. Unfortunately, regardless of your position, even in law enforcement you cannot avoid two of the main drawbacks of a desk job: paperwork and office politics. However, you can use the skills you already have to make the latter a lot easier. In a traffic stop, you either know you are entering a high-risk situation or you are prepared in case it turns into one. Start thinking of your office exchanges the same way.More

10 pieces of advice from police spouses for a successful marriage
Plenty of sources say that police divorce rates are higher than other occupations, yet the research is lacking. Whether or not divorce is more prevalent among officers — and even though divorce may have a negative connotation — there is something of value to be derived from divorce for people who take time to learn about their former spouse, themselves or the situation the two created.More