Texas Sheriffs Today
Mar. 21, 2014

3 suspects in back-to-back Harris County robberies arrested
Houston Chronicle
In a bar robbery, Harris County deputies said when they were dispatched to the scene, they found bar customers holding down one of three suspects after he had punched a woman and snatched her purse. The two other suspects had sped away in a vehicle after the attack.More

Report: Many youths still detained for minor infractions, thousands in Texas
The Texas Tribune
While the number of youths in confinement for noncriminal offenses has dropped by 52 percent nationally in the past decade, thousands — including many young Texans — remain in detention for minor misbehavior like truancy and curfew violations, according to a report released by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank.More

Appeals Court to weigh value of forensic evidence
The Texas Tribune
Texas' highest criminal court will soon hear arguments in a case that could affect how evolving scientific evidence is used in courtrooms across the state. For Neal H. Robbins, the high court's decision will determine whether he gets another shot at arguing his innocence. More

Law enforcement finds 100 people in Texas home in smuggling bust
Police in Houston found more than 100 people crammed into a 1,500-square-foot, single-family house while searching for a woman who was reported missing. Most are from Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador.More

Man who plowed car into crowd at SXSW charged with capital murder
During SXSW, Rashad Charjuan Owens allegedly tore through the crowd while drunk, running over people and hitting other cars. At least 23 others were injured. Capital murder is Texas' highest offense, punishable by the death penalty. Owens may also face multiple counts of aggravated assault by vehicle.More

Texas DPS launches crimes against children unit
The youngest crime victims in Texas have another law enforcement unit ready to help. The Department of Public Safety has announced creation of the Texas Crimes Against Children Center within the Texas Rangers division.More

Trusting the crosswalk button in your department
By Capt. Jeffrey Williams
Why is so much apparent anger directed toward the crosswalk button? The button will work by just pushing it once, but after repeated battering, it eventually will not work and will need to be repaired or replaced. Why don't pedestrians trust the crosswalk button?More

Cigarette trafficking: A big problem in a small package
By Liz Murphy
The circumvention of a state's cigarette excise tax may not seem like a criminal enterprise worthy of serious attention from law enforcement. But Corporal Detective Johnny Capocelli of Virginia's Chesterfield County Police Department strongly disagrees. "This isn't a tax issue. This is about the criminal activities associated with cigarette trafficking," Capocelli says.More

Argyle police earn honor
Denton Record Chronicle
The Argyle Police Department recently became the fourth agency in Denton County to receive “recognized” status from the Texas Police Chiefs Association Best Practices Recognition Program.More

Preventing gun violence in schools
By Mark Bond
Gun violence is a major social issue in America, and schools and university campuses have become targets of this gun violence. In recent years, dozens of students, faculty and staff have become victims of this gun violence while on campus, and the loss of life and serious injuries have been devastating to our communities. In response to recent campus violence, an idea to have schools adopt an armed security force to patrol campus grounds and buildings has been proposed to lawmakers, law enforcement and educational governing boards. This article will evaluate this controversial proposal and analyze the evidence to determine the benefits and concerns.More

5 tips for wearing your 'blue' gear on your duty belt
A blue gun — a plastic or metal replica of your sidearm, regardless of color — is an essential part of your daily training kit. With a training gun, you can practice your draw from the holster and your weapons retention skills safely, without concern for a weapon that is supposed to be clear going off, preventing serious injury, death or even just embarrassment.More

Police turn to social media to fight crime, dispel rumors
Lt. Chris Bolton of California's Oakland Police Department was skeptical of social media in 2011. Bolton didn't see the benefits of having a department-monitored social media presence. "Without having tried [social media] and without knowing anyone else in law enforcement who was using it, I associated it with many more risks and consequences than I did with benefits," he says.More

Don't forget the dispatchers in your social strategy
Social media managers can get valuable recommendations and feedback from your department's customer service agents — the dispatchers. How your social media and website efforts will affect a certain division or section within your department is one of the first points to evaluate and consider when implementing something new on your website or in your social media program.More

Los Angeles man arrested over Twitter threat to shoot random pedestrian
Dakkari Dijon McAnuff, 20, has been arrested in Los Angeles after writing on Twitter that he would shoot a random pedestrian if people retweeted his message 100 times on the social media website, police said.More

Seattle cops to get new facial recognition software
The Seattle Times
Seattle police will soon be able to use facial recognition technology to compare images of unidentified suspects with an extensive database of jail mug shots. The Seattle City Council has approved the police department's use of facial recognition software under a policy created with input from the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington.More