Texas Sheriffs Today
Mar. 22, 2013

Texas all over the map when it comes to drones
Austin American-Statesman
Even as both Texas senators in Washington were joining a filibuster that raised questions this month about the Obama administration's policy on drone strikes on U.S. soil, the prevalence of the small unmanned aircraft in their own state was growing — and similarly fraught with political and privacy implications. Texas, like the rest of the country, is conflicted when it comes to drones: on the one hand, enthusiastically courting their potential uses and economic benefits, and, on the other, deeply apprehensive about their proliferation, even when unarmed.More

'Texas 7' member on death row loses appeal
The Associated Press via KTVT-TV
One of the remaining notorious "Texas 7″ gang members on death row has lost a court appeal. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected 35-year-old Randy Halprin's 31 claims challenging the validity of his conviction and death sentence. Halprin is the youngest of the seven inmates who escaped from a South Texas prison in December 2000 and participated in the shooting death of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins weeks later on Christmas Eve. Halprin and the other gang members were tracked to Colorado where one killed himself and the six were captured. Two already have been executed.More

DNA-testing bill aims to improve death penalty investigations
San Antonio Express-News
Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott joined state Sen. Rodney Ellis in support of a bill that would make Texas the first state in the nation to require DNA testing on all biological crime scene evidence before going to trial in death penalty cases. Such tests could eliminate legal battles by condemned prisoners years after they've been convicted, as well as spare some innocently accused a wait on death row, Abbott and Ellis said.More

San Bernardino sheriff reflects on Dorner standoff
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon gave his first interview since the deadly Feb. 12 standoff between disgruntled former Los Angeles police Officer Christopher Dorner and deputies in the San Bernardino Mountains. Sitting in his office at the Sheriff's Department, McMahon, who had been sworn in as sheriff less than two months before Dorner engaged deputies in a deadly gun battle near Barton Flats, reflected on the magnitude of the event and the impact it had on the law enforcement community.More

Calvert County, Md., Sheriff's office gets new tool for use in domestic violence cases
Southern Maryland Newspapers
The Calvert County Sheriff's Office now has a new, ultra-violet alternative light source camera lens and stabilizer to assist with investigations of domestic violence and strangulation. The KrimeSite Imager was donated to the sheriff's office by Safe Harbor Inc. Crime scene technician Greg Crump said during an investigation, the ultra-violet light is turned on and the lens and scope "blocks out all your white light and only picks up the UV light" and captures the images to get clear, crisp images of bruising and evidence of bodily fluids.More

Brevard County, Fla., honors deputy killed in the line of duty
Florida Today
The lifetime of service and ultimate sacrifice of Florida Deputy Barbara Pill, who was killed last year in the line of duty, were honored when Pill was named the Brevard County sheriff's deputy of the year for 2012.More

Ohio to Texas to Illinois: Toll of teen driving deaths rises
Los Angeles Times
From Ohio to Illinois to Texas, the United States has again faced the tragic fact that teenagers, parties and driving don’t mix, as accidents have left a trail of shattered homes and communities across the nation. More

State lawmakers mull bills to keep federal gun laws out of Texas
The Texas Tribune
State lawmakers debated proposals that would make it a crime to enforce federal gun laws in Texas.More

Citrus County, Fla., Sheriff's Office continues fight against synthetic drugs
Citrus County Chronicle
The Citrus County Sheriff's Office is taking a phased approach in its interdiction efforts regarding synthetic drugs, which have reached alarming highs across the nation, according to Major Crimes Lt. Kevin Purinton. Citrus County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Ron Frink supervises all of the Citrus County School District School Resource Officers and says synthetic drugs are problematic for youths. Frink displays some of the vast variety of synthetic drugs that can be found on store shelves in Citrus County. He says the drugs are dangerous and made with harmful chemicals. More

The truth about law enforcement mental health
By Louise Pyers
A recent study indicates police and other first responders are susceptible to mood and substance-use disorders. And those mood disorders are directly related to on-the-job exposure to traumatic and other stressful events. Police and other first responders have the potential to be exposed to traumatic events much more often than those in civilian life. No one is immune to the symptoms that can occur after a traumatic event. Some of these events would test the coping mechanisms of anyone. The symptoms are a normal response to an abnormal event.More

Utah sheriff proposes ankle monitors for seniors with dementia
The Associated Press via KEYC-TV
A northern Utah sheriff's office is floating a unique and unproven idea for keeping seniors with Alzheimer's disease and dementia safe: Give them ankle monitors normally used on criminals on house arrest or parole. Davis County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Fielding says the monitors would allow deputies to quickly find a person who has wandered off. That would save lives and save taxpayer funds by avoiding time-consuming searches.More