Texas Sheriffs Today
Mar. 29, 2013

Sheriff confirms Texas shootout gun killed Colorado prison chief
The gun used by a white supremacist ex-convict who was killed in a shootout with police near Decatur was the same weapon used to kill Colorado's prison chief two days earlier, law enforcement officials said. Evan Spencer Ebel, a 28-year-old parolee from Denver, was killed in a gun battle with Texas police March 21 after a high-speed chase through Decatur. Meanwhile, authorities have been looking for ties between the death of Clements and the January killing of Mark Hasse, a prosecutor in the Kaufman County District Attorney's Office.More

Report: Cartels 'most significant organized crime threat to Texas'
The Brownsville Herald
A new report released by the Texas Department of Public Safety reveals cartels are operating in Texas and are the No. 1 threat to the Lone Star State. The Gulf Cartel, Los Zetas, La Familia Michoacana and the Beltran Leyva cartels' areas of approximate operations include Cameron and Hidalgo counties, according to the report. "The threat to Texas is significant due to the prevalence of lucrative trafficking routes and smuggling networks throughout the state, as well as the state's proximity to cities and towns steeped in cartel violence and influence just across the border in Mexico," the report states, adding that Texas faces a full spectrum of "unique challenges to public safety and homeland security." But cartels are at the top.More

Burnet County officials launch blood alcohol testing program
More than one dozen law enforcement agencies and Burnet County officials recently issued stern warnings to drivers and lake-goers: "Be respectful of the traffic around you and refrain from overusing alcohol," said Texas Game Warden Captain Kevin Davis. With water levels at Lake Travis significantly below normal, more people are expected to get out and enjoy the water on Lakes Buchanan and LBJ. So starting April 1, the Burnet Alcohol Task Force or "BAT" will be active. Anyone who is suspected of drinking while driving or boating will have their blood drawn.More

El Paso County Sheriff's Office to get OT funds to update offender database
El Paso Times
The El Paso County Commissioners Court voted to give $105,000 to the Sheriff's Office to allow some of its personnel to work overtime entering Class A and B misdemeanor information into the Texas database that helps identify offenders outside El Paso. The move could help maintain the 90 percent disposition completeness rate required by the state for the county to continue receiving almost $5 million in grants every year. More

Supreme Court limits law enforcement use of drug-sniffing dogs
The Supreme Court limited the ability of police to use a trained dog to sniff around the outside of a home for illegal drugs that might be inside. By a 5-4 vote, the court said the use by law enforcement authorities of trained police dogs to investigate a home and its immediate surroundings was a "search" within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and required a warrant.More

Facebook busts fugitive who gave police fake ID
This time it was Facebook that solved the crime. Oregon State troopers used the social media site's "in a relationship" status to identify a wanted fugitive who had used a fake identity. When the driver presented a fake I.D. to state troopers during a traffic stop on Interstate 5 near Lake Oswego, the troopers were skeptical, and went online.More

5 things law enforcement executives can do to make a difference
National Institute of Justice
Law enforcement executives now have it all in one place: Five critical concepts that are proven to improve policing and save money.More

The truth about law enforcement mental health
By Louise Pyers
A recent study indicates police and other first responders are susceptible to mood and substance-use disorders. And those mood disorders are directly related to on-the-job exposure to traumatic and other stressful events.More

'Texas 7' member on death row loses appeal
The Associated Press via KTVT-TV
One of the remaining notorious "Texas 7″ gang members on death row has lost a court appeal. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals rejected 35-year-old Randy Halprin's 31 claims challenging the validity of his conviction and death sentence.More

US firm shipping stun guns disguised as mobile phones
It fits in your back pocket, can make calls and give off a 650-kilowatt volt shock that can stop a man in his tracks. A U.S. company has started shipping what is being marketed as the "world's first stun gun"' iPhone case. But according to Australian Customs, it has been detecting similar illegal devices coming into the country for more than 12 months. Figures obtained by Fairfax Media show that a minimum of 88 mobile-phone-like stun guns were detected last year, although customs concedes that because of its reporting procedures, the figure could be much higher.More