Texas Sheriffs Today
Apr. 3, 2015

Sheriff stands behind move to phase out in-person visits at Bexar County Jail
Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau this week touted the benefits of implementing video visitations at the jail, while distancing the county from other parts of Texas that have had issues with the program. The county plans to phase out in-person visits by the end of 2015 and replace them with off-site video visitations. Construction is already underway down the street from the jail on a former Toudouze warehouse that will house the video visitation system.More

Truck raffle winner named on March 28

Included in the picture: Sheriff Greg Hamilton (second from the left) and Sheriff A.J. Louderback (far right).

The Sheriffs' Association of Texas would like to thank all of the individuals who participated in the 2015 Truck Raffle. A special thanks to those sheriffs who went above and beyond. The winning ticket was drawn at the Star of Texas Rodeo, held in Austin on March 28, 2015.

SAT President and Jackson County Sheriff A.J. Louderback and SAT Director and Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton were on hand for the event. The winner is Wanda Coward of San Antonio. Congratulations!More

Drug sting leads to arrest of Pearland ISD high school students
The Pearland Journal
Three Pearland High School students and three Dawson High School students were arrested on drug-related charges as a result of an undercover investigation led by the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office Narcotics Task Force ThursdayMore

Navarro County sheriff advises of association appeal
Corsicana Daily Sun
Navarro County Sheriff Elmer Tanner wants county residents to be aware of a mail appeal coming out for the Sheriff's Association of Texas. The direct mail campaign, an annual fundraising effort by the organization, should begin appearing in mailboxes this week.

The use of such campaigns is popular among charities and organizations such as SAT, but such an approach can also be used by scammers seeking to take advantage of the public's generosity. Tanner said he wants to assure the public the appeal by SAT is legitimate.More

Interim Hill County sheriff vows to clean house
VideoBrief Interim Hill County Sheriff Wes Collins said Thursday he plans to clean up the sheriff's office after the arrests of Sheriff Michael Cox, 48, Chief Deputy Mark Wilson, 61, Hill County Jail Capt. Leroy Rodriguez, 45, and jailer Bryan Winget, 27, on warrants stemming from an online certification test investigation. Retired State District Judge James Morgan issued a temporary order Wednesday suspending Cox and naming Collins the interim sheriff.More

Snoop photo lands Texas state trooper in 'Dogg house'
The Dallas Morning News
A Department of Public Safety trooper has landed in trouble after allowing rapper Snoop Dogg to snap a photo with him. Snoop Dogg saw Trooper Billy Spears and asked for a picture at the South by Southwest music festival two weeks ago, which he later posted on the social media site Instagram. The California rap legend and actor, also known as Snoop Lion, is known for his affection for marijuana, and DPS leaders told Spears he shouldn't have posed with someone with his long criminal record.More

Texas attorney general to Arizona sheriff: Come joiin the fight
Texas Lawyer
Joseph Arpaio, the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, has netted national headlines when he has battled the federal government about its immigration policies. And a federal judge ruled two years ago that his office engaged in enforcement practices that broadly discriminated against Latinos. Now Arpaio has asked to intervene in litigation against the federal government — led by Texas — pending before U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas in Brownsville. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's office welcomes the sheriff.More

Police departments open up 'safe lots' for Craigslist transactions
The online classified site Craigslist updated its safety page, encouraging users to make exchanges at local police stations. Some police departments across the country are already offering up their headquarters as voluntary "safe zones" for Craigslist deals.More

What law enforcement can learn from marijuana legalization in Colorado
Law enforcement agencies around the country must learn from the impacts of Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana so they are prepared for similar legislation in their own communities. The 38th annual California Police Chiefs training symposium offered an educational session, "The Impact of Marijuana on Public Safety in Colorado," featuring three panelists involved in Colorado's transition to legalized marijuana.More