Texas Sheriffs Today
Apr. 4, 2014

Bexar County deputy critically injured in stabbing
San Antonio News-Express
The sheriff was found with three stab wounds and was transported to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition, according to the reports. Paul Berry, public information officer for the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, said he could not confirm if the sheriff was on duty or off-duty at the time of the stabbing. Berry declined to release the name of the sheriff.More

Perry recognized for criminal justice reform
San Antonio Business Journal
Texas Gov. Rick Perry is being honored for leadership in reforming the state criminal justice system. Perry will accept the National Association of Drug Court Professionals Governor of the Year Award for his work to provide drug treatment for nonviolent offenders rather than incarceration. More

Texas DPS opens new crime lab, driver license office in Lubbock
Region 5 DPS Headquarters hasn't had a celebration like this since 1973. That's the last time they received a new building. Hundreds were there for the ribbon cutting that officially opened the doors to the brand new, state of the art facility, including state representatives Charles Perry and John Frullo and state Sen. Robert Duncan. More

Sanders sentenced to 30 years for hit-and-run murder of officer
Texarkana Gazette
Justin Miles Sanders, 22, received a sentence of 30 years in prison for murder in the hit-and-run death of Texarkana police Officer Jason Sprague in 2013. Sanders must serve at least half his sentence before he is eligible for parole. More

Silent suffering: Preventing law enforcement suicide
By Mark Bond
Preventing police suicide is every officer's responsibility. The law enforcement profession can no longer ignore the silent suffering. Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is real and is a lot more common among first responders than initial indications. However, the silence of the first responder culture has kept the problems associated with PTSD as a profession secret not openly discussed. Having the leadership and courage to change a culture of silence does not weaken the profession but strengthens the bonds that make it noble and honorable profession that protects the weak and innocent from harm.More

Sharing the reins in social media
Dionne Waugh of Virginia's Richmond Police Department says: If your agency has a pretty well established and active Facebook and Twitter page and you’re looking for that next step in enhancing your social media presence, let me suggest allowing some of your officers to tweet on behalf of the department.More

How 6 'rules' from a Navy legend can impact officer safety
Travis Yates says: Several years ago, I discovered Admiral Hyman G. Rickover and his views on safety and training. While Rickover was not in law enforcement, there is no doubt that his philosophy can make everyone in our profession safer.More

Harrison County sheriff needs help identifying suspects
Harrison County investigators are seeking information regarding the identities of two suspects involved in passing checks stolen in Harrison County during a burglary. The East Texas Professional Credit Union teller cameras captured the images of a black male and a female as they entered the Credit Union together. More

Cigarette trafficking: A big problem in a small package
By Liz Murphy
The circumvention of a state's cigarette excise tax may not seem like a criminal enterprise worthy of serious attention from law enforcement. But Corporal Detective Johnny Capocelli of Virginia's Chesterfield County Police Department strongly disagrees. "This isn't a tax issue. This is about the criminal activities associated with cigarette trafficking," Capocelli says.More

Trusting the crosswalk button in your department
By Capt. Jeffrey Williams
Why is so much apparent anger directed toward the crosswalk button? The button will work by just pushing it once, but after repeated battering, it eventually will not work and will need to be repaired or replaced. Why don't pedestrians trust the crosswalk button?More

A new approach: Oklahoma City police's new homeless outreach team
The Oklahoman
The Oklahoma City Police Department's new homeless outreach team is designed to connect Oklahoma City's homeless population with housing and other services in the hopes of getting them off the street. The team represents a new way of addressing the city's homeless problem.More

Police re-organizing efforts in response to clustered crime in Missouri
The Kansas City Star
In Missouri, most of Kansas City's violent crime torments neighborhoods in only 10 percent of the city. Last year, 75 percent of homicides, 71 percent of aggravated assaults, 74 percent of robberies and 62 percent of rapes occurred in that 34-square-mile area, according to maps created this month by Kansas City police analysts. More

Connecticut boy concerned by speeders writes letter to cops
ABC News via PoliceOne
Isaiah McLoughlin of Waterford, Conn., saw cars whizzing down his neighborhood street as he waited for the school bus each day did what a lot of adults might not have done. McLoughlin, 9, decided to took action.More