Texas Sheriffs Today
Apr. 17, 2015

Cooke County sheriff presents awards to deputy heroes
Gainesville Daily Register
Cooke County Sheriff Terry Gilbert recently presented to three Cooke County deputiescitations for meritorious performance. Deputies Jason Richardson, Marc Parsons and Matt Maiden were recognized for their outstanding bravery and work.More

Travis County Sheriff's Office investigating after body found on
conveyor belt

Time Warner Cable
The body of 49-year-old Clarence Gerald Gardner Jr. was found on the conveyor belt at a southeast Travis County recycling center Tuesday — and now the sheriff's office needs help locating the suspect or suspects.More

Texas police chiefs express concern over open carry law
At McBride's Guns in Central Austin, gun sales are up in advance of an open carry law potentially being passed at the state Capitol. But Cedar Park Police Chief Sean Mannix says there are several unanswered questions attached to the law.More

DPS asks prosecutors to reopen investigation of no-bid contract
Houston Chronicle
Expressing frustration about a series of recent news stories, the Texas Department of Public Safety on Thursday asked prosecutors here to reopen an investigation into no-bid border security contracts to provide "a resolution to this matter once and for all."More

Police officers debate effectiveness of anti-bias training
AudioBrief Police departments around the country are instituting anti-bias training for their officers. The Justice Department encourages it, but for many cops the training doesn't seem effective or necessary. More

Ransomware: How hackers are shaking down police departments
ABC News
Police departments across the United States have been made easy targets for hackers who infect their computers, encrypt their documents and give them a deadline to make a payment. Over the weekend, some Maine police agencies reported having to pay ransom to hackers in order to keep their files. In Tewksbury, Massachusetts, the police chief said he paid a $500 bounty to get back the department's data.More

7 tactics to keep police alert on 3rd shift
One reason officers like working third shift is because of the action. There are nights, however, when the radio and the streets seem to be competing for the silence. Even on these long, quiet nights, officers must find ways to stay alert. Here are the seven ways to keep alert on a quiet night.More

What we can learn from the police that pioneered body cameras
Police across the country are being outfitted with body cameras, but departments with body cameras are finding that there's much more to it than merely strapping a camera on an officer's uniform. Managing all the hours of video footage comes at a price, both in labor and data storage costs. Perhaps even more significant, body-worn cameras come with numerous unintended consequences, some of which will get worse as the technology becomes widespread.More