Texas Sheriffs Today
May. 1, 2015

Jackson County sheriff's deputy working again after being pushed from bridge
Victoria Advocate
Seven months ago, Jackson County Sheriff's Deputy Bryan Martin plummeted from an 18-foot-tall bridge, injuring his lower back and sternum and shattering his femur. Martin returned to work two weeks ago, but he's not yet behind the wheel of a patrol car.

After he fell, he spent 10 days in a San Antonio hospital undergoing three surgeries. He pushed himself through excruciating pain to walk with a walker 50 yards, a metric doctors said he had to meet before being released.More

Jim Wells County sheriff running for 10th term
VideoBrief Jim Wells County Sheriff Oscar Lopez says at age of 77, he is ready for another term in office. On Monday, he announced that he is looking to win his 10th term as sheriff.More

Harris County sheriff: 6 employees terminated over inmate abuse
VideoBrief Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia has announced that the two sergeants in the center of the inmate abuse case and four additional supervisors have been terminated. Twenty-nine employees are currently suspended without pay, with the suspensions ranging from one to 10 days.More

Denton County Sheriff's Office: Missing Denton County boy wasn't kidnapped
VideoBrief The Denton County Sheriff's Office says a child reported as missing Wednesday night was taken at the request of a parent and wasn't kidnapped. Thursday morning the sheriff's department issued a statement that said, "It wasn't a kidnapping. The child was taken at the request of a custodial parent."More

Chambers not too far apart on border security
The Texas Tribune
The lone border lawmaker on the 10-member state budget conference committee said he thinks the House and Senate are closer to an agreement on border security funding than differences between their two budget plans might suggest. The biggest issue separating the chambers might not be the continued deployment of the Texas National Guard to the Rio Grande valley, but instead how Texas Department of Public Safety troopers are scheduled and paid. More

Austin police shifts focus in drone regulation policy
The Daily Texan
Officers from the Austin Police Department said they will no longer check to see if drone operators have a certificate for themselves or for their drone, unless the drone is flying near a crowded area. The change is part of an attempt to shift focus to policing drones used near large events, such as concerts and sports games, while giving individuals flying drones in less crowded areas freedom, APD officers said.More

Lawmakers push for transparency in police use-of-force cases
The Dallas Morning News
As protests and riots continue in Baltimore, some Texas lawmakers are pushing for more transparency to help prevent police violence in the Lone Star State. Police around the country are under scrutiny for using excessive force following the deaths of several unarmed black men in the last year. Texas legislators are pushing to equip officers with body cameras and reaffirm citizens' right to film officers in action.More

Texas House could give police more tools to fight online predators
Police say online predators hold the advantage in talking to our Texas children online. In 2013, a court struck down a law saying that sexual conversations were free speech — even if it's between an adult and a minor. A central Texas lawmaker wants to give the advantage back to police.More

Mansfield police start group for families of mentally ill
Mansfield News-Mirror
Scott Rinehart knows what it feels like to be in a dark place. "Many years ago, I was suicidal," Rinehart said. "I had a shotgun in my mouth. I know what it took to get to this place. It has haunted me." Twenty years later, the Mansfield police officer deals with people in similar situations almost every day as the department's mental health liaison. And he has noticed the silent victims — the families of people with mental illness. Rinehart has started a support group for these families to share ideas, strategies, failures, successes and to get direction.More

Police should increase use of digital communication tools
Government Technology
Despite recent negative headlines and news reports about police interaction with citizens, research released by Accenture on April 23 reveals a strong majority of citizens are generally satisfied with their local police services, but that more than two-thirds believe that the effectiveness of police services would be increased by greater use of technology. More

Reality training: Why mental rehearsal is crucial to officer survival
Dave Smith reviews the fatal shooting of Montana Highway Patrol Trooper David DeLaittre in order to highlight the importance of mental rehearsal for success in crisis situations.More