Texas Sheriffs Today
May. 9, 2014

DPS introduces new mounted patrol unit for capitol
The Texas Tribune
The Texas Department of Public Safety is not horsing around with its new mounted patrol unit for the state Capitol complex. Formally introduced recently, the unit includes three donated horses — Trooper, Ranger and Agent — and four trained state troopers. It will serve the 60 buildings and 46-square block area that make up the complex, supplementing existing state police personnel on foot, bicycle and motorbike.More

Ride for the fallen Texas law enforcement officers
A somber ceremony for 15 law enforcement officers in Texas who lost their lives in the line of duty this year. More than 400 motorcycles made their way through downtown Austin. "Its an awesome experience if you've never done it, to see hundreds of bikes in front and back of you, riding safe and being safe," said Robert Bodish, a motorcyclist. For 13 years this event has honored those who gave their lives, protecting and serving.More

Rockwall County Sheriff's Posse members share love of riding, public service
Blue Ribbon News
Mounted on matching red sorrel horses; wearing uniforms of crisp white and deep denim blue; carrying the U.S. and Texas flags, the Rockwall County Sheriff's Posse is a powerful visual of western heritage and American patriotism at the lead of the hometown parade. But look beyond the intrigue and appeal of the stunning horses and their rugged riders, and you'll find an equally strong sense of duty.More

Texas city latest to take 911 by text message
The Dallas Morning News via Police One
Many North Texas public safety agencies can now receive emergency text messages — that is if people don't mistake police for fast-food delivery. "We had somebody try to order pizza, so obviously an error," said Allen communications manager Shellie Taylor. "But we've had no actual text-to-911 calls." But officials from many of the agencies believe that texting to 911 is the next step forward for emergency response and policing. The latest North Texas city to take the leap is Richardson, which began training call takers on its new system.More

Raid of 3 houses nets money, weapons and even police uniforms
Alice Echo News Journal
Armored SWAT Hummers plowed through locked fences in the 1500 block of Elvira Street recently as local law enforcement searched for three men wanted on felony warrants. The raid in Rancho Alegre capped off the Operation Alliance, carried out by the Alice Police Department, Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department and the Department of Public Safety, with equipment and officers from the San Juan Police Department.More

Formalizing your veteran hiring program
By Catherine Iste
With the ever-increasing number of veterans in the workforce, formalized veteran hiring and retention programs have started showing up on the radar of defense, law enforcement and private organizations. Many law enforcement and defense organizations already hire veterans, but how do you formalize the process, and why should you? Like any project, it helps to have a vision of what you want, a few role models to follow and some concrete steps to take action. In this article, we will start at the top, by talking to the leader of an organization recognized for success in this area.More

Divided Pennsylvania Supreme Court OKs warrantless car searches
The Patriot-News
Police in Pennsylvania no longer have to secure a warrant to search a car. A sharply-split state Supreme Court ensured that by ruling Tuesday that Pennsylvania will henceforth follow federal law that requires only that police officers have probable cause before searching vehicles.More

People love Pinterest, find out why police do, too
Plenty of people use Pinterest to find things — purses, posh hotels, eggplant parm recipes — but the rightful owner of a charm bracelet stolen 30 years ago? Leave that to the police. In February, when Det. Dave Stahler in Redwood City, California, discovered bags of stolen jewelry in the trunk of a car during a routine traffic stop, he turned to social media. Stahler hoped of tracking down the owner of a charm bracelet stamped with names and dates.More

Texas city latest to take 911 by text message
The Dallas Morning News via Police One
Many North Texas public safety agencies can now receive emergency text messages — that is if people don't mistake police for fast-food delivery.More

Sheriff's office parters with University of Houston-Downtown
The Atascocita Observer
The Harris County Sheriff's Office partnered this week with the University of Houston-Downtown's Criminal Justice Training Center to prepare potential employees for hundreds of new law enforcement roles and to fill positions vacated by retiring staff.More

Harrison County sheriff needs help identifying suspects
Harrison County investigators are seeking information regarding the identities of two suspects involved in passing checks stolen in Harrison County during a burglary. The East Texas Professional Credit Union teller cameras captured the images of a black male and a female as they entered the Credit Union together. More

Supreme Court tosses New Jersey appeal on public gun rights
The Associated Press via ABC News
Recently, the Supreme Court upheld a New Jersey ruling that a gun owner must demonstrate a justifiable reason to carry a firearm publicly. This is yet another case where the Supreme Court has turned down pertaining to a right to be armed outside of one's home.More

Gym design for your agency on a dime
Bryan Fass says: We had very little budget to work with and not much space; neither of which is a problem if we approach the issues using simple but highly effective equipment. The total cost of the fitness room overhaul came in at just over $1,200 and a fair amount of that was shipping costs. What we put together utilized the space we had, is tactically specific while accommodating to LEO's of various shapes, sizes, genders and, most importantly. physical condition.More

Starting a K-9 unit for your agency
POLICE Magazine
Matching up an officer with a dog is just the first step in starting a successful K-9 team. Determine your current needs first. Why do you need to have a trained police service dog? Are you having a problem with burglaries and the time it takes to search and clear the buildings with officers? If so, you can justify the savings in man-hours and units out of service through quicker and thorough searches by the PSD team. More

When hitting 'Find my iPhone' takes you to a thief's doorstep
The New York Times
With smartphone theft rampant, apps like Find My iPhone offer a new option for those desperate to recover their devices. But the emergence of this kind of do-it-yourself justice — an unintended result of the proliferation of GPS tracking apps — has stirred worries among law enforcement officials that people are putting themselves in danger, taking disproportionate risks for the sake of an easily replaced item.More