Texas Sheriffs Today
May. 10, 2013

Texas police, prosecutors lead nation in exonerating wrongly convicted
The Dallas Morning News
Texas is first among states with the most exonerations, according to the registry managed by the University of Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of Law. The registry, updated at least once a year, contains details of exonerations finalized through the end of 2012.More

New bill prohibits Texas law officers from asking about immigration status
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Law enforcement officers would be prohibited from asking victims and witnesses in criminal investigations about their immigration status under legislation approved by the House State Affairs Committee. The bill is described the measure as “a law and order bill” that would encourage illegal immigrants, many of whom fear deportation, to report crimes and help officers in criminal investigations.More

Fallen Texas peace officers honored at Capitol
KUT News
Every two years, the Peace Officers Memorial Foundation of Texas hosts a candlelight vigil and a memorial ceremony and parade in May. The parade started at the Congress Avenue Bridge and ended at the Capitol, marched by a procession of color guard teams, police motorcycles, cyclists and pipe and drum corps. More

Time running out on House bill regarding warrants for cellphone records
The Texas Tribune
The House clock may not be on the side of a bill to regulate the use of cellphone records in law enforcement investigations. House Bill 1608 would compel police and prosecutors to get a warrant before acquiring cellphone records from phone companies. But the measure is so far down the schedule that it may not come up before the lower chamber's midnight deadline to take the first vote on House bills.More

Fort Morgan mayor proclaims May 13-17 Police Week
The Fort Morgan Times
The Fort Morgan City Council heard Mayor Terry McAlister proclaim May 13-17 to be National Police Week in the city. "I support the police department 100 percent," the mayor said after reading the proclamation. "I think we've got the best police department in the universe. I go to sleep every night feeling safe because of that."More

Austin police chief of staff to lead UT Police Department
Austin American-Statesman
A nearly 30-year veteran of the Austin Police Department is leaving to lead the University of Texas police force, officials announced Tuesday. David Carter, the Austin department’s chief of staff, accepted the position as chief of the university’s police department after meeting with UT President Bill Powers. Carter starts July 1.More

Investigation: Technology in police vehicles can lead to distraction, wrecks
Police constantly warn motorists about the dangers of distracted driving. In most states, they can even give you a ticket for texting behind the wheel. But an investigation found some officers are not taking their own advice, allowing their attention to stray from the road to patrol vehicles filled with the latest police technology. That distracted driving is leading to wrecks and putting those officers — and the public — at risk.More

Tiny uniform cams in policing the next big thing
USA Today
Just as "cruiser cams" did, tiny cameras worn on officers' uniforms can make a big difference in police work — if public safety agencies can afford the pricey little gadgets. Cincinnati's former police chief, Thomas Streicher, calls the devices "the next giant step in the evolution of policing." Some models are as small as a cigarette lighter and can be worn on sunglasses, caps or lapels.More

Flying with firearms while off-duty
One of the more common questions I’m asked at training seminars is how much of a hassle it is to bring along a pistol during air travel. The simple answer is no real hassle at all — once you understand the process and prepare your gear.More

Time running out for House bill on warrants for cellphone records
The Texas Tribune
The House clock may not be on the side of a bill to regulate the use of cellphone records in law enforcement investigations. It may not come up before the lower chamber's midnight deadline.More

Law enforcement groups back legislation proposed following Kaufman County killings
The Dallas Morning News
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn came to Dallas to seek support for legislation that will deter criminals who may seek to harm or kill prosecutors, judges, law officers or other public safety officials.More

Police discover unexploded bomb in Austin business district
The Raw Story
Fire investigators in Austin, Texas said Wednesday that they need the public’s help finding whoever created an unexploded bomb discovered last week.More